Flicking through my Amazon Prime videos the other day this popped up so I thought I’ll watch it again, for some reason I keep thinking this was released before The Wolf of Wall Street that Margot appeared in but am wrong. I can remember Margot from her days in Neighbours as Donna. Focus stars Will Smith as well as Margot Robbie, Will plays Nicky who is basically a Con-man takes Jess (Margot) under his wings and shows her how to con people and pick pockets at Mardi Gras (I’m not 100% sure it is this but was in New Orleans) where they along with other members of Nicky’s group steal $1.2 million worth of items.

This also starts of Nicky and Jess’s romantic relationship which leads both of them taking in the Championship Football game where they make a couple of silly bets which a gambler Liyuan Tse wants to get in on, after a few small bets Nicky bets $1 millions dollars but loses so offers a double or nothing bet that Liyuan will choose a players number and Jess will guess it, she does due to Farhad (Adrian Martinez) wearing this shirt after Nicky had arrange for Liyuan to see the number 55 all day to subconsciously make him choose this number. On the way to the airport Nicky leaves Jess in the Limo ending their relationship to avoid getting emotionally involved.

Their paths cross again 3 years later as Nicky working for a Motorsport team bumps into Jess at a party, Nicky double crosses the Motorsport team and finds out that Jess has been trying to get the owner’s watch and not been his girlfriend as first thought, however Nicky & Jess are caught but to avoid Jess being seriously hurt Nicky starts to tell the truth but he’s shot by what turns out to be Nicky’s father in a move that is called the “Toledo Panic Button”, he then drops them at a hospital whilst he takes the money that Nicky got from the other Motorsport teams, as they walk into the hospital Nicky notices that Jess is wearing the watch she had been trying to get.

This is a film that has a basic plot but is expanded and the relationship between Margot and Will works well and has plenty of twists, this possibly wouldn’t have worked as well if the leading actors weren’t Margot and Robbie as Margot was hot property after the Wolf of Wall Street and was the perfect female to be opposite Will. I enjoyed this film and will watch it more as something that can be watched more than a few times. If you have Amazon Prime then there is no reason not to watch it.

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