The Circle

Based on a novel of the same name and starring Emma Watson, John Boyega and Tom Hanks this has the makings of a decent cinema hit but it seems that it completely flop in the US and went straight to Netflix in the UK and this is where I noticed it and thought perhaps it’s one that was made for Netflix.

Mae Holland (Emma Watson) works at a call centre when her friend Annie (Karen Gillan) calls her and says she’s got Mae an interview with the firm she works for – The Circle. Mae gets the job and starts working for The Circle – an powerful internet company that is developing new technology (think cross between Google and Facebook) as she progress in the company she starts to take to the new technology and then agrees to become transparent by wearing a new camera all the time this soon starts to effect her relationship with both her parents and Annie. During one showing of new technology Eamon (Tom Hanks) and Tom (Patton Oswalt), the directors of the Circle, get Mae to track Mercer, one of her friends that she has lost contact with, Mercer seeing all the cameras and people chasing him flees in his car but after swerving to avoid a droid he crashes off a bridge and is killed. Mae blaming herself takes a break from the Circle and finds out from Ty (John Boyega) that he has found all Eamon and Tom’s accounts and emails, she also finds that Annie has left the Circle and is back in Scotland having a break. Mae then returns to the Circle and speaks in the company wide meeting invites Eamon and Tom to join her in full transparency and says she is publishing all of Eamon and Tom emails including their private accounts for full transparency, Mae states she believes Transparency is good and no-one should hide their secrets.

I can see why the film didn’t live up to it’s does offer a lot but fails to deliver and there is a lot of gaps in the film, however it’s still a decent film to watch. Out of the “stars” only Emma really had a major role as Tom’s character though important to the film I thought stayed in the background too much. I think Emma’s character changed too much in a short period of time too really make this believable though I know films are many fiction and you need to do things like this but for Mae to do a complete 180 on her views just seems a bit much.

If you have Netflix watch it, it’s not a bad film but just could be so much better.

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