Divergent – Series

I’ve started watching the Divergent Series but thought rather than do a Blog about each film I’ll do one as a Series, therefore this blog will take a few days to write. Starring Shailene Woodley as Beatrice “Tris” Prior, Theo James as Tobias “Four” Eaton, Ansel Elgort as Caleb Prior and Kate Winslet as Jeanine Matthews with Naomi Watts and Octavia Spencer appearing in second and third film of the series, it is a series of 4 films that are based on the Divergent Trilogy of Novels by Veronica Roth, however at the time of writing only 3 films have been done and the fourth may be done as a TV film or series but without the main actors. That’s start with the first film.


In a world that there is now just a city; the people are divided into factions based on their virtues that is tested with an aptitude test when they’re 16, Tris Prior (Shailene Woodley) is one 16 year old and during her test she is warned that she is a Divergent, meaning that she has equal attributes of all which is seen as a risk to the social order and the government, when the time comes for Tris to choose her faction out of Abnegation (Selfless), Amity (Peaceful), Candor (Honest), Dauntless (Brave) and Erudite (Intellectual) she chooses Dauntless despite her upbringing in Abnegation, in Dauntless she meets Four and during her training she manages to build up a friendship that helps her manage to avoid being booted out of Dauntless after she struggled at first due to her lack of physical strength and willingness to fight, she is attacked by other Dauntless members after she returns from visiting her brother and is rescued by four and he takes her in to protect her, he also helps with the final part of the Dauntless test which is a psychological test and whilst Four helps Tris with preparing for these he notices that she is a Divergent and he lets her into his fear simulation and after she passes she finds out he’s also a Divergent from his Tattoo on his back, the Dauntless faction are then injected with a serum that controls their minds (but not Tris or Four but they pretend it has) and makes them execute Abnegation’s as they’re being controlled by the Erudite. Tris and Four are then found out as Divergents, Four is taken into Custody whilst Tris is ordered to be executed however her Mother appears and saves her but during there attempt to flee her mother is killed. Tris finds her father and other Abnegations and they then sneak into the Dauntless Headquarters and force Peter to take them to the Erudite control centre where Tris’s father is killed in a shot out but Tris finds Four under a powerful mind control but manages to break him out of it by using his fears to snap him out of it and she wounds Jeanie (Kate Winslet) and Four injects her with a Serum to force her to call off the account, as reinforcements arrive Tris, Four and the others flee on a train.


Following on from Divergent we pick up the remains of the Abnegation including Tris and Four hiding from the Erudite forces that are hunting them, meanwhile other Erudite forces find a 5 sided box from Tris’s parents house that is said to contain a message from the Founders that Jeanie says will show that’s right to enforce Martial Law but only a Divergent can open the box.

Tris and Four along with Peter (Miles Teller) and Caleb are hiding with the Amity faction but troops arrive to test for Divergents to open the box, whilst they’re testing Peter shouts that they’re up here and Caleb, Four and Tris flee jumping on a train but are then sprung on by factionless and Four reveals that his real name is Tobias Eaton and they stop attacking them and led to the Factionless leader Evelyn (Naomi Watts) who turns out to be Tobias mother who he still resents for leaving him with his abusive father, she asks Four to get Dauntless to join with them to take on Erudite, but Four declines and they leave but Caleb says he needs to go in a different direction and leaves them, Four and Tris go to Candor to meet up with the other Dauntless but are arrested as outlaws, Four persuades the leader of Candor to trial them here with the truth serum rather than take them to Jeanie, which he does and they pass the trial. Candor is then attacked and Tris is captured but Four and the other dauntless manage to arrive in time and kill Eric, they return back to the factionless but Jeanie using the mind controlling implants that many of them have get 3 factionless to trial to commit suicide if Tris doesn’t give herself up, Tris and Tori managing to save 2 but Marlene jumps to her death, Tris that evening sneaks out and turns herself in and promises to open the box if the suicides stop, Jeanie agrees but only after the box is opened. Finding out Four has been captured Tris fails the last task and with the help of Peter fakes her death and when they show her body to Four the serum wears off and they account the guards and break back in to the trial room against Fours wishes as Tris says she has to open the box. She manages to do so and hears the message that say Divergents are the Saviours and that they’re living in a walled city as part of an experiment. Jeanie however is about to execute them when the factionless army breaks in and rescues them capturing Jeanie at the same time. Evelyn visits Jeanie in her cell and kills her.


The third and currently last made film sees Tris and Four along with Tina, Caleb and Peter escape past the wall after Four frees Caleb from the cell where he is being held along with other Erudites, and when passed the wall are rescued by a military force and are then taken to the Bureau of Genetic Welfare and are explained that in an attempt to make a better society peoples gene were erased but the experiment failed and to repair the mistake isolated cities were establish around the world to find Divergents, Tris and Four are test but only Tris is a “Pure” Divergent and Four isn’t. Four gets assigned to the military force with Tina whilst Caleb and Peter are assigned to watch Chicago (the city they were in). Tris works with the leader David to help Chicago but it turns out David is not who Tris believes and escapes with Tina and Caleb back to Chicago where Four has also returned and been arrested by the forces. Peter who has betrayed the others and working with David releases a Serum that will wipe everyone’s memory but finds out that this will include him and lets Tris into the chamber but can’t turn it off but Caleb has found a point to stop it, even though David tries to stop her Tris manages to complete this. Caleb and Tina manage to rig the spacecraft they arrived in with explosives and send it back out past the wall where it explodes and tears a hole in the cloak wall revealing each world to each other.

The Future

Though a fourth film has been written called Ascendant it was decided after poor ratings for Allegiant that it would possibly be a straight to TV film rather than theatrical released which led to Shailene she would not return but no final decision had been made though the producers have confirmed that it will be a TV project and new characters would be released. This now to me would be the end of the film series and a start of a new project.


The series of films could’ve ended after either the second or third film (where it currently has) as these whilst do allow it to continue end a chapter well as many films do. The series of films do seem similar to the Hunger Games and a couple of other films but do work well. Shailene is a very good as Tris and links up with Theo James and Ansel Elgort well, Shailene also starred opposite Ansel in The Fault in our Stars. Kate Winslet is probably the big name in the first two with Naomi Watts and Octavia Spencer appearing in the second and third film after Kate leaves the series. I’ve not read the books so can’t comment how the films compare to them but I feel the third film with the outside factor being worthless whilst maybe bringing them in but not as a controlling force of the city and forcing Tris and Four back to Chicago, this is maybe why the third film didn’t do well as seem to struggle with the story-line. I would say first two films are watchable but the third not so much and the story could’ve finished after the second film.


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