New Music

I thought whilst decorating this week I’ll listen to some of Apple Music’s new music and selected 4 tracks to review, Sabrina Carpenter’s Why, Niall Horan’s Slow Hands, Shania Twain’s Life’s About to get Good and Rita Ora’s Your Song. I will try and review tracks every so often but might not be every week, though when new albums come out that I like I will review these. Here are my thoughts.

Sabrina Carpenter – Why – 18 Year old Sabrina is the latest Disney star that’s hitting the headlines with her singing, following on from her debut Evolution album comes Why her latest single. I think this is a much more grown up single through there is still a Disney hint to the vocals and reminds me a lot of Hillary Duff, I look forward to her next album and how she develops over the next few years.

Shania Twain – Life’s About To Get Good – After a break Shania is back with a typical Shania Twain song and Shania fans will not be disappointed, a certain top 10 hit.

Niall Horan – Slow Hands – I first heard this at the One Love Manchester concert and thought he can sing as I never listened to One Direction, and now listen to this quite often, this is a sure hit not only because he was in One Direction but he has a good voice.

Rita Ora – Your Song – Rita’s songs seem to fall in to either really good or rubbish in my opinion and this is the former and one that could get to number 1.

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