Before I Fall

Another film I found on Netflix, not sure if this did come out in the Cinema’s especially in the UK, starring Zoey Deutch it’s based on the Novel of the same name by Lauren Oliver about a teenage girl Samantha (Zoey Deutch) who has to live her last day over and over until she eventually finds peace and manages to move on. It’s Cupid Day (12th February) and for Samantha it starts like most days but after school she and her friends go to a party, on there way home they crash but when Samantha wakes up it’s Cupid Day again and Samantha relives the day over again, again they go to a Party and again they crash (at a different point) and again she wakes up on Cupids Day and realises she’s in a time-loop she tries to avoid the party but again wakes up on Cupid Day and now starts feeling frustrated and down and starts to lash out at people but at the party after she has sex with Rob and breaks down in tears and lets Kent (an old friend) comfort her she starts to believe what she needs to do but it takes a couple more Cupid Days for Samantha to finally do this and ends up having to save Juliet and by doing so saves her and allows her to depart the world.

I felt this was a cross between Mean Girls and Groundhog day and think are similar films out there but this was actually pretty good and more up to date then previous films, Zoey played Samantha well and you honestly started to feel for her. I also started wondering what she has to do to get past the loop or to die peacefully and the twist about saving Juliet did take me by surprise as not something I considered unto the last couple of Cupid Days.

It’s a teenage film but that didn’t stop me enjoying it and was a nice film to watch and enjoy, as on Netflix and those who have it have already paid so why not watch it, it won’t be a wasted couple of hours and perfect for a rainy day.

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