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At first I thought I review a book as want to start reading more again as I tend to go through spells of reading a lot then reading nothing for 6 months so looking at Amazon Prime Books I decided to give Holy Island by LJ Ross a go, not reading or knowing anything about LJ Ross it was a trip to the unknown but as I’ve now finished this book I’ve gone on to the second book in the series Sycamore Gap, there is 6 books in the series at present so this will be the first of 2 or 3 blogs about these books.

We first meet DCI Ryan whilst he’s on a three month Sabbatical from the Police after his sister is murdered by a Serial Killer he eventually captures and is staying on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne in Northumberland, whilst he’s on the island a young girl is found murdered by an islander who races to Ryan to report it, this is the first of 3 murders on the island and the end of the sabbatical for DCI Ryan, whilst working the case a Doctor and expert on religion practices and former Islander Anna Taylor is assigned to him and a bond starts to form and after her sister is one of the victims a closer relationship form that continues. The book also tells the back story of Ryan and the death of his sister and reason for his Sabbatical and the Author Louise Ross really describes the island extremely well so you can picture the scene as well. Not only does Ross give the background to Ryan she also does for Dr Taylor and also starts with the other police force that are key to the story and to Ryan.

In Sycamore Gap we find Ryan looking into a case of a body that’s been hidden in Hadrian’s Wall for 10 years so you fell the author is making use of the wondering ancient monuments and landmarks in her stories and makes me want to read them quicker so I can see what other landmarks are used. I’ve often started reading an hour before going to bed but end up reading for 2 hours instead and reading through my lunch break without touching my lunch and not many books make me do this. You also learn about Ryan’s sister’s death and more of his past, I expect the other books in the series will continue to do this and I look forward to following Ryan.

It’s not often I get hooked on a character in a series of books but after the Nathan McBride series this is filling in the time before the next release as has me hooked as well, there maybe a lot of Crime Thrillers out there and several that are based around a character (Morse, Rebus (think that spelt right) to name a couple) but never got into these as never got sold the character which is important to me. So if you’re a fan of Crime Drama and liked Morse then you won’t go wrong reading these. I’m often to read more now. Enjoy them.

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