Step Up

After doing a blog about the Divergent Series  I decided to do one about the Step Up series as was watching the third one at the time. There is currently 5 Films in the series.

Step Up

Starring Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan this is the original and probably the best film of the series. Tyler Gale (Channing) along with his friends break in and vandalise props at the Maryland School of Art and has to do 200 hours of community service at the school, whilst working he notices Nora Clark (Jenna) dancing and preparing an audition but her partner gets injured. When Tyler friends pay him a visit in the school grounds Tyler takes the mickey out of the students by dancing mixing street dancing and ballet up, Nora witness this. Tyler offers to help Nora prepare for the audition as has developed feelings for her, at first she refuses but after showing her he can help the routine she convinces the schools director to allow him to rehearse as part of his community service but as often the way things get in the way and Tyler splits from Nora leaving her again without a partner after her injured partner again quits leaving Nora to try and dance the audition solo, however at the last minute Tyler returns and manages to persuade Nora to give him a chance and the audition was a success.

Step Up 2 – The Streets

The second instalment saw new characters and role reversal as this time it was the boy who is at The Maryland School of Arts and the girl who is the rebellious dancer. Tyler Gale (Channing) makes a brief appearance as a friend to Andie West (Briana Evigan) and arranges her an audition with the Maryland School of Arts (MSA). Andie is a member a Street Dance Crew called the 410 and after they find out she is attending MSA and that’s why she’s being missing practice they kick her out of the crew. Andie and long with Chase Collins (Robert Hoffman) a dancer at MSA try to for a new crew at the MSA with some of the outsiders at the school and we meet Moose (Adam G Sevani) who appears in the later films too, Andie’s best friend Missy (Danielle Polanco) leaves the 410 crew and joins up with Andie’s new crew. The 410 crew after being the victims of the MSA Crew Audition prank for The Streets trash the MSA Dance Studio and assault Chase but Andie is expelled from MSA due to links with the 410 Crew and refusing to name others that are on the MSA Crew, the crew later get a Text message about the streets whilst they’re at a MSA fundraiser and ditch the fundraiser to attend the Streets and the Director also follows after Moose tells him that they’ve all gone. Andie’s guardian hears what Andie has done to protect her friends repents and tells Andie she needs to go to the Streets too, at the Streets MSA Crew are refused to dance but Andie stands up and leads them outside and says that The Streets are a place where everyone is allowed to dance and express themselves and then they start to perform their routine. The MSA Director watches and reinstates Andie back into MSA.

Step Up 3D

The third film was the first Step Up to be shot in 3D hence the title, it sees Adam Sevani return as Moose and also Alyson Stoner as Camille Gage (Tyler sister who briefly appeared in the first instalment) and follows them to New York where they’re about to start at New York University. Moose who decides to major in Electrical Engineering at University stumbles into a Dance Battle whilst watching a pair of Limited Edition Gunmetal pair of Nikes that were being worn by Luke (Rick Malambri), in the Dance Battle he beats a member of the House of Samurai dance crew, as the Dance battle is broken up by police and they start to chase Moose, Luke tells him to follow him and leads them to his warehouse which is a club he owes and the hangout for his Dance Crew the House of Pirates, whilst showing Moose around and trying to get him to join the house he notices Natalie (Sharni Vinson) dancing and leaves Moose to film her, he also gets her to join the House of Pirates though as the film goes on this was her aim. Moose having to split his time between the Dance Crew and University upsets Camille until he explains why he’s been neglating her and after Luke finds out about Natalie she tries to make amends as they battle out the World Jam. Natalie as part of making amends got Luke admitted to Film school in California and says she is leaving for California and hopes he joins her. Moose and Camille also finally hook up after being friends.

Step Up 4 – Revolution

The fourth film moves away from Maryland and The Gale’s though Moose and a few other of the House of Pirates appear again, and is set in Miami. A flashmob (MOB) stop traffic on Ocean Drive with their dancing and cars and creating a piece of art at the same time, the MOB are either loved or hated depending on the persons viewpoint, most of the MOB work at a Hotel where they sneak into the Beach Club claiming to be guests rather than employees. In the club Sean (Ryan Guzman) bumps into Emily (Kathryn McCormick) as she helps herself to a beer and Sean asks for one which she gives to him on the house as she’s helped herself to hers, they head down the beach and end up having a dance battle but Emily runs off after seeing one her Dad’s business partners. The following day Emily having breakfast with her Dad – Bill Anderson (Peter Gallagher) argue and Sean (now their waiter) recognising her and about to say something when Emily distracts him, she goes to the Hotel Dance Studio and Sean follows and watches her dance and Emily explains that she needs to get into the Winwood Dance Company or she’ll have to work for her father. Sean invites Emily to the MOB and they give her a test which she passes, the next Flash is at a meeting of her fathers regarding redeveloping the area where most of the MOB live, Eddy finds out who Emily really is and tells the rest of the MOB, Emily leaves the MOB and is forced to do the Winwood audition on her own as she had partnered with Sean. Sean manages to persuade the MOB to do one more Flash protest and gets Moose and the other House of Pirates dance crew to help and they perform at the ground breaking of the new development, Emily is persuaded to join in by Sean and they perform the audition dance and Bill changes his mind and says he will build up the community.

Step Up 5 – All In

After saving the community in Miami, Sean and the MOB crew are in Los Angeles trying to make it as dancers but without success and after losing another battle they decide to pack up and return to Miami but Sean stays and sees a dance competition called the Vortex taking place and calls Moose up, Moose gets Sean a job at Moose’s grandparents dance studio and lives in the Janitor Closet, Moose get Andie and a couple of others from the MSA crew to join and they make an audition video and as LMNTRIX are accepted into the competition. Despite some falling out the LMNTRIX and Moose leaving for a period they make there way to the final but find out that the competition is fixed as Alexxa (Izabella Miko) is in a relationship with Jasper the leader of Grim Knights the other finalist. Before the final Moose returns with Camilla and Andie also returns after Sean apologises for his behaviour to the crew. Before LMNTRIX dance Sean tells the crowd that Winner or losing doesn’t matter and to enjoy the show, at the end the producers call Alexxa and tell her that LMNTRIX have won.

There is a Web Series call High Water that’s being worked on but only found out about this when get information regarding this series. Channing and Jenna started a relationship whilst working on the original film and are now married with a daughter.

I really like this series of films and though not a dancer or normally a fan of dancing I found myself tapping away and getting into the movies, the soundtrack is really good and the casting and dancing is excellent. I don’t think you can go wrong watching these films though I expect the original reason for watching it for most wouldn’t have been for the films itself but for the likes of Channing and Jenna but hey why not have attractive stars to bring people in and end up watching the whole series of films.


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