The House

After seeing the trailer this was another that looked good and starring Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler The House looked a sure thing but how did it live up? Well it’s certainly a funny film even if the plot is a bit stupid and some of the antics are as daft as anything so what it’s about?

Set in the small town run by a small town committee, Alex Johansen (Ryan Simpkins) gets accepted into college and her parents Scott (Will Ferrell) and Kate (Amy Poehler) are relying on the grant the town give each year to the most gifted student but this year the committee have instead choosen to be a Pool complex and not do the grant leaving Scott and Kate to find the money for their daughters college and after getting turned down for loans they go to Vegas with their friend Frank Theodorakis (Jason Mantzoukas) and after winning a few games of Craps Scott makes an error saying don’t throw a four and this puts Frank off and he throws a four and they lose all their money, later Frank says that the only winner is the house and later back at home Frank suggests they run a casino from his home and they set one up and starting small it builds up and they get more people turning up and start making money all whilst keeping it a secret from Alex. We then see how they deal with a card counter with hilarious results and also the Police, the crooked town clerk and a criminal gang. Whilst in parts the film is hilarious it does seem to have missed on making a worthy film with the cast, whilst Will, Amy and Jason all work well together none of the other cast do and the relationships between the Town Clerk and his assistant (I guess) are neither here nor there, it seems they’re having an affair but there is no real connection between them and the Police department is worst then the Dukes of Hazzard’s police departments, it seems the script concentrated on Amy, Will and Jason characters but no-one else’s so is too disjointed for the movie to work, it’s even hard to belief that Alex is Scott and Kates’ Daughter.

I don’t recommend this to see at the cinema I would wait unit is on TV before watching, it’s not terrible but should be so much better so only giving it a 6/10 rating.

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