War For The Planet Of The Apes

Following on from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Rise of the Planet of the Apes the opening sequence give a quick recap of these movies, which to me was good as at the time had not watched any of the other movies in the reboot of the Planet of the Apes films, so you can watch this even if not watched the others (though after watching Dawn of the Planet of the Apes since I would suggest to watch the other films first). War continues from Dawn where after Koba’s attack on the Humans after he shot Caesar and blamed the humans, the humans whilst under siege called for reinforcements though there is a gap between the films it’s led to believe the soldiers have now arrived and are attacking the Apes base with the help of a couple of Apes that have sided with the humans, War sees Woody Harrelson star as the Colonel for the Army with Andy Serkis returning as Caesar, Karin Konoval as Maurice and Terry Notary as Rocket. Caesar having sent his son out to find a new home away from the Humans to try and avoid conflict is woken by an Intruder in the Apes camp which turns out to be a group of soldiers, a few of them are killed by the Apes guards but the Colonel kills Caesars son and wife before escaping. The following morning Caesar tells the other Apes to go to the new home across the woods whilst he goes and confronts the Colonel, Maurice and Rocket refuse to leave him and go with him. During the journey the trio along with Luca they come across an abandoned village but are force to kill a human as he was about to fire on them, in the village they find a young girl (Amiah Miller) who is unable to speak to due the virus that wiped out most of the Humans in Rise, Maurice “adopts” her as she would not be able to survive on her own and takes her with them, they then stumble across another Ape who tries to steal from them and chase him to a Ski resort and he gives himself up and gives the young girl his coat as says she’s cold, he then tells them his name is “Bad Ape” and used to live in the Sierra Zoo but is now on own, that evening he tells them where the Soldiers may be as a former facility by the Border. Along with “Bad Ape” the group then travel down to the facility and on their way a patrol ambush and kill Luca, as they make their way down further they see that in the facility are other Apes, Caesar goes into the facility on his own and sees the rest of his family have been captured and confronts the Colonel after seeing the Apes being forced to build defences without food or water, the Colonel tells Caesar that the virus has evolved and now causes humans to become Mute if they catch the virus (like the young girl who has been named Nova by Maurice), Caesar is then tortured and then put in confinement without food and water whilst the other Apes have now been given some, Nova sneaks into the facility and gives Caesar her doll and gets him some water and the other Apes give her some food to give to him too, however Nova is nearly caught and Rocket has to break in and allow him to be captured to allow Nova to escape. Maurice and Bad Ape having found a way into the facility underground thanks to Rocket before his capture start to dig upwards to the camp after Rocket and Caesar give them steps to each camp and one evening they manage to stage a break out.

I did start off trying not to give the plot away but got carried away so will leave it here so if you want to see what happens you’ll have to go and watch it. I really enjoyed the film and had to go and watch Dawn of the Planet of the Apes but still need to watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes to get the full story, however I did like that it gave a brief overview at the start so you weren’t completely lost if you like me hadn’t seen any of the previous films. A lot of the film is done in Sign language because of the Apes which I thought was really good and adding Nova a young mute girl into it and seeing her sign with the Apes also was really good and it’s not often a non speaking part wows you but I though Amiah did really well and she had a great connection to Maurice (Karin).

This is one that should not be missed and it maybe deserves more than an 8/10 that I give it. Watch it.

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