Cars 3

Number 95 Lightning McQueen is back, first thing I noticed is that the CGI has improved since the original Cars animation back in 2006. The following contains spoilers.

McQueen is now 7 time Piston Cup winner but during the season a new racer Jackson Storm arrives in the scene, Jackson is a new generation of racer with using the latest technology to improve performance and as more racers follow, McQueens friends and fellow competitors start retiring or are fired by the sponsor more of the latest generation racers start appearing in the races. During one race in an effort to keep up with Jackson he has a major crash due to a loose wheel, during his recovery/repair he watches old races involving Hudson that saw his career ended and he tells Sally that he wants to race again. Rusty & Dusty the owners of McQueens racing team get McQueen to attend their brand new race centre, however he finds out that they’ve sold the team to Sterling. McQueen gets impatient with Sterling and his new trainer Cruz’s methods and damages the centres equipment.  Sterling believes that McQueen is no longer good enough to race and wants to use him for product endorsement, McQueen offers him a deal, let him race the last race and if he wins he keeps racing but if doesn’t he’ll do the endorsements, Sterling accepts but only if Cruz trains him. They race on the beach but rather than Cruz training him, McQueen ends up teaching Cruz how to race on a beach before they head off to the dirt track Hudson used to race on but accidentally end up in a demolition derby, which Cruz ends up winning and accidentally reveals McQueen on TV. On the way back Cruz tells McQueen that she wanted to be a racer but didn’t make it and she makes her way back on her own. McQueen calls Mater and McQueen then decides to seek out Smokey, Doc’s mentor, he picks up Cruz on the way to Doc’s hometown. When they arrive they start a lap on Doc’s track when they bump into Smokey who takes them to meet Doc’s friends and former racers, they tell them stories about Doc and whilst not the fastest driver outsmarted the other drivers. Smokey then trains McQueen with Cruz being a racing partner and uses some unorthodox methods. During his last practice race he loses to Cruz as he has a flashback to his crash, Cruz also had been training with Smokey and had learnt to become a racer. In Florida McQueen starts the race last as he missed qualifying, Sterling seeing Cruz sends her back to the centre but McQueen overhears the conversation and his pit crew call her back and gets Cruz set up for racing using his number and send her out racing. Smokey hands over the radio to McQueen on the pit wall and McQueen coaches her through the race. On the last lap Cruz is just behind Storm and Storm forces Cruz into the wall but she uses a trick that Doc did to flip over Storm to win, Cruz then quits from Sterling and accepts to race for Dinoco and both McQueen & Cruz are classified as both winners therefore McQueen wins his bet and will keep racing. Dinoco buy Rust-Eze so McQueen can race and Train Cruz, Cruz takes Doc’s old number whilst McQueen takes his colour scheme.

This took you back to racing and I think the best of the Cars films so far. Any kid even big kids should watch this and even has Lewis Hamilton voiceover for Cruz’s Phone Personal Assistant Hamilton. Certainly a great weekend film this gets a 9/10.

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