Spider-Man – Homecoming

The latest Marvel Action Hero film saw the return of Spider-man to the Marvel Studios after Sony agreed to share the Screen rights with them, he did appear briefly in Captain America Civil Wear but this was the first main film for his character and part of the reason of the naming of the film Homecoming. Tom Holland stars as Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and Robert Downey Jr returns as Tony Stark who helps bring Peter Parker into the Avengers fold. This review contains Spoilers.

Homecoming shows Peter being drafted in by Tony to help in the Captain America Civil War battle but then returns to his high school to study as a normal kid but he wants to become an Avenger so with the new suit that Tony has made for him for Civil War he helps keeps his neighbourhood safe but runs into a gang robbing an ATM with new high tech weapons he tries to stop them but they escape and when he returns to his backpack it’s missing as the bins he “webbed” it on so has to creep back to his apartment he shares with his Aunt May in his suit, at his apartment as he sneaks in he doesn’t notices his best friend Ned is waiting for him and discovers Peter’s secret identity. Ned and Peter go to a Party at Liz’s house and Peter leaves to return as Spider-Man but he sees a weapon test that’s being carried out by Toomes’s associates and goes to investigate this and after following their van has to be rescued by an Iron Man clone that’s remotely controlled by Tony Stark. Peter picks up one of the weapons that was dropped during the chase and along with Ned study the weapon and when Toomes’s associates visit the school looking for the weapon Peter puts a tracking device on one them and they track him to Maryland. To follow them and avoid questions Peter rejoins the Academic Decathlon team to go to Washington DC with them, Ned and Peter then disable the tracking device in his suit and Ned turns off the Training Wheel program to allow Peter to have the full suit features. Peter then tracks them and foils Toomes from getting more weapons from a truck but is then trapped in a storage facility and misses the Decathlon, he escapes and manages to get back to Washington just in time to save his friends after the core of the weapon that they had found explodes in Neds bag and causes the lift they’re in to fail. Peter than finds out that there is a exchange for the Alien Weapons on the Staten Island Ferry but Toomes escapes and Peter trying to secure one of the weapons causes the ship to cut in half and Tony as Iron Man have to repair the Ferry to save the passengers, Tony upset with Peter’s actions takes his suit away. When Peter takes Liz to the Homecoming dance he notices that Liz’s Dad is Toomes and after he drops them off at the Dance Toomes warns Peter not to interfere with his work and is only letting him go now as he saved his daughter in Washington. Peter instead of going to the Dance changes into his Homemade suit and with the help of Ned tracks Toomes and manages to foil Toomes plan of hijacking the DODC plane from the Avengers Tower, afterwards Liz and her Mum move away and Tony invites Peter to join the Avengers full time but Peter turns this down and returns to School, when Peter returns home his sees that Tony has left him a suit and as he puts it on his Aunt May walks him and sees him in the Suit.

This is a actually I thought a really good film and possibly one of the best Marvel have done recently, as it didn’t need to retell how Peter became Spider-Man but focused on him learning to become better, there is an interesting character called Michelle (MJ) that needs to be watched in the future as I believe she will become key to the story and the Initials MJ seem to be homage to Mary Jane (though it’s said not to be compared to her). Michael Keaton as Toomes was a great choice to be the Villian as he’s not your normal bad guy as he is a father and was good until he lost the contract he had worked hard for. It takes a while for you to get used to Tom Holland as Peter Parker but I think it works okay.

I’ve seen this in both 3D and 2D and I don’t think the 3D version justifies any additional expenses so would recommend watching this in 2D. I give this a 8/10 as it is a good film and one that can be watched multiple times.

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