Based on the events of Allied evacuation of Dunkirk during the Second World War, the film is shown from 3 perspectives, the Mole (Landing Stage on Dunkirk Beach) where the troops are waiting for sea craft to evacuate them, the Sea where the Royal Navy have commandeer small boats and we mainly follow one of these boats, and thirdly from the Air where Spitfires dogfight German planes and try and stop German Bombers from bombing the ships and beach where the troops are.

All three perspectives are done over a different time span which is shown when it mentions each story at the beginning, Mole 1 week, Sea 1 Day and Air 1 hour which does throw you a little bit in the film as it’s suddenly night on the beaches but not at sea. Starring Mark Rylance as Mr Dawson a mariner who captains his own boat to Dunkirk, Tom Hardy as Farrier a RAF Pilot, Tom Glynn-Carney as Peter Mr Dawson’s son, Jack Lowden as Collins another RAF Pilot, Harry Styles as Alex a Army Private,  Fionn Whitehead as Tommy also a Army Private, James D’Arcy as Colonel Winnant and Barry Keoghan as George Mr Dawson’s Deckhand.

We start in the streets of Dunkirk as a group of Allied soldiers are walking looking for food/drink when they come under fire and Tommy is the only survivor to make it to the perimeter being patrolled/guarded by French Soldiers and gets to the beach where he sees thousand of soldiers waiting to be evacuated, he meets Gibson another soldier and after a German bomb attack on the beach find a stretcher and make for a waiting ship but this is sunk and during the sinking manage to rescue Alex another British Private. We then follow Tommy and Alex trying get back home to Britain and finally finding themselves on Mr Dawson’s boat and arrive back to England. During this we see the British Navy has commandeered small British boats and whilst Mr Dawson agrees he sets off with his son Peter and George his deckhand who jumps on board just as they set sail, he set sails before the Navy can put any sailors on-board, as they sail across we see other British warships sunk by German Bombers and then we go to the Air and watch 3 spitfires fly overhead but after encounter and downing German Fighters they’re down to 2 who then have a few more dogfights over the channel. On the way across the channel Mr Dawson comes across a soldier on the remains of an upturned ship and pulls him on board and he tries to make Mr Dawson turn around and later accidentally pushes George down the stairs causing him to hit his head against a metal object on the boat causing a gash and George to lose his sight, however they carry on to Dunkirk and see one of the Spitfires having to ditch and make their way over the the plane and help the pilot escape just as the cockpit fills with water, they then manage to help rescues sailors after a minesweeper is bombed but the remaining Spitfire manages to then shoot down the bomber allowing the small ships to reach Dunkirk and evacuate the allied troops.

This is difficult to judge as I was expecting a completely different film and was thrown by having the 3 different aspects, land, sea and air but it worked and I liked it. I am a huge fan of Mark Rylance and he didn’t disappoint but I can’t say anyone really stood out but no-one disappointed either. This is different from other World War films such as Private Ryan and Hacksaw Ridge as there is no body parts flying around so more people can watch this. Would I watch this again, yes, would I recommend this, yes, will it win awards, yes, it is a great film, no not in my book; it’s a very good film but not a great film and I don’t think it’s as good as the previous two I’ve mentioned. It’s a very well made film and there is less verbal communication then most films and I don’t think many of the actors had a great deal of lines but this is good as makes you watch the action more.

Rating 8/10



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    • I think it was because was expecting something like Hacksaw Ridge/Saving Private Ryan and the changing between the stories got confusing at times like it being night at Dunkirk but still daylight at sea I think that just stopped it from being a great film.

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      • Yeah I understand what you mean, I thought it was done quite well. Once you’d managed to get your head around what Nolan was doing, I thought it was excellent how the stories perfectly lined up at the end.


      • I did too and how they thought they were failures only to find out otherwise. I expect if I watch it again I will like it better, it was the same as The Girl on the Train, the first time I spent half the time confused but the next time watched it was easier to watch and more enjoyable.

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