Haven (TV Series)

As I was ill the beginning of the week I found this to watch on Amazon Prime and ended up binge watching this and been watching it when not at work on at the Cinema and am currently on Season 3 in just 3 days! I know I’m late to the show as was cancelled in 2015.

Starring Emily Rose as Audrey Parker who when we first meet her is a FBI Agent but as the show unfolds we find that this is not the case but becomes a member of the Haven PD where the show is set. Haven, Maine is a town that seems to a hotbed of Supernatural/Paranormal activity that is locally known as the troubles. Also starring Lucas Bryant as Nathan Wuornos Haven’s police detective (later Police Chief) and Eric Balfour as Duke Crocker. The Series is based on the Stephen King Novel The Colorado Kid and the Colorado Kid is mentioned several times as becomes a king aspect as becomes part of Audrey Parker’s life. Audrey Parker is an orphan who has no real memories but after turning up at Haven sees a photo that she thinks might be her Mum and finds out the women’s’ name is Lucy Ridley and finds out this is herself in a previous existence and that before this she was Sarah Vernon and also resided in Haven and has always helped the “troubled”, she along with Nathan investigate the crimes caused by the troubled and also helped by Duke not that he whats to but is an old friend of Nathans and become a close friend to Audrey who also confines in him. Audrey often speaks to the town’s oldest residents and also owners of the town’s paper the Teagues brothers Vince & Dave to find out about her past as Lucy but they don’t always tell her the whole story.

So far I am really enjoying this series even though only about halfway through the complete series, I don’t believe I have come across the 3 main actors before but there seems to be a really good chemistry between them and like Emily Rose (she being very good looking helps) and she reminds me of Anna Paquin in True Blood. I expect I might do a follow up to this blog when I have finished the complete series.

If you’re interested in the supernatural or paranormal then is certain a series to watch.


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