47 Metres Down

Having seen no trailer for this nor any advertisement bar Cineworlds email I had no expectations for this movie. Starting Mandy Moore and Claire Holt least it was going to be easy on the eyes though neither I would say are A liar stars (at least movie wise), Mandy had several top 30 hits as a Singer and Claire some hit TV series. 

Plot:- Lisa (Mandy) whose boyfriend has just broken up with her as said she was boring is on holiday with Kate (Claire) her sister. Kate thinking Lisa’s boyfriend is working so couldn’t come on holiday finds Lisa crying one night and Lisa tells Kate the truth so Kate takes her clubbing where they meet a couple of locals who suggest going Cage Diving with sharks. The next day the girls arrive at the dock and meet the locals and go out to a boat with the cage. After the boys go down in the cage and return to the surface the girls go down, as they go down the cage shudders causing Lisa to panic and as the cage is risen the winch on the boat snaps and the cage plummets with the girls to the boat of the ocean 47 metres down which is also out of communication range. Lisa being the better diver manages to get out of the cage and release the winch from the cage and swims up to 40 metres to communication range and is told stay in the cage and they’ll send another line down. Seeing a light to one side after a while and with it not moving and their air running out Lisa swims out to the light to see it’s just a flashlight and after picking it up sees Javier as he’s attacked by a shark, grabbing his speargun she makes her way back to the cage. They attach the line to the cage but as it’s winched up it snaps sending them back down to the bottom this time trapping Kate’s leg under the cage. Lisa manages to communicate with the boat and they say the coast guard is on the way and send 2 tanks of air down, Lisa goes to fetch the air but is attacked as she starts to return to the cage leaving the air for Kate just short of the cage, Kate then manages to use the speargun to hook the tank of air and then manages to free herself from the cage and finds Lisa and make for the surface, once they arrive and are attacked as try to climb onto the boat it returns to Kate still trapped under the cage and hallucinating due to have too much nitrogen in her blood, she’s finally rescued by the coast guards and calls out for Lisa but as the film ends with Kate still being led to the surface we don’t know for sure what happened to Lisa though it’s likely she was killed in the Shark attack. 

I really enjoyed this film as it kept you on the edge not knowing what’s going to happen, the only part I didn’t like was the ending as it made the film feel incomplete. Mandy and Claire were decent and would like to see them in more movies. 

If you like thrillers then you would like this but if not keen on water or sharks maybe avoid, I recommend this and give it an 8 of 10 rating. 

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