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A free evening and a Movie I hadn’t seen advertised, this is what Cineworld Unlimited is all about. Starring Amandla Stenberg and Nick Robinson it is very similar to The Fault in Our Stars and Me Before You types of films.  The below review will contain spoilers.

Maddy (Amandla) suffers from SCID an Immune deficiency disease that has no cure and normally kills at an early age but is now 18 but house bound and can only be with her Motherm a Nurse (Carla) and Carla’s daughter Rosa, one day new neighbours move in and she see’s Olly the boy who has moved next door with his family, Olly and his sister bring a Bundt cake round by Maddy’s mother (Pauline) says they can’t take it but to thank their parents. Maddy then sees Olly in his room from her Window and they start texting after Olly writes his number on his window. This starts their friendship until one day Maddy convinces Carla to let Olly visit and they will start at opposite sides of the room, they meet and talk despite the initial difficulties and all goes well, later Maddy invites Olly over for the 4th July as her Mum is working and Carla is unable to look after Maddy leaving her on her own and they kiss whilst watching the fireworks. The next day Maddy sees Olly and his dad fighting and Olly is pushed to the ground, Maddy rushes out to see him, Pauline finds out that Olly has been spending time with Maddy and fires Carla after finding out she allowed them, this causes Maddy to become ill, Maddy becoming annoyed at not being allowed to see Olly buys plane tickets to Hawaii for them both and runs away with Olly to Hawaii where Maddy sees the ocean for the first time in a long time and they have a romantic night together but the following morning Maddy is taken ill and taken to hospital, when she wakes she is back in her own room and breaks off contact with Olly to stop him wasting his life on her. Olly, his Mum and sister leave to go to New York whilst Olly’s dad is out drinking. A doctor from Hawaii then calls Maddy to follow up from her stay in hospital and when Maddy mentions having SCID the doctor says she doesn’t have this or her illness would’ve killed her in Hawaii, Maddy then hunts through her Mother’s records looking for her Medical records mentioning SCID but when unable to and stopped by her Mother, her mother breaks down and explains she can’t lose Maddy like her brother and father (Maddy’s), Maddy then leaves home and goes and stays with Carla, whilst at Carla’s see goes to see a doctor and finds she indeed doesn’t have SCID but an underdeveloped Immune system due to be in a Sterile environment. Maddy then travels to New York to see Olly and to apologise for not saying goodbye and they hope to restart their relationship.

Not knowing what to expect may have made this film better as I really enjoyed this film and really liked Amandla Stenberg (I was going to say first film I’ve seen her in but see was in one of the Hunger Games when little) and I expect she will appear in more films to come and Nick Robinson is proving to be a steady actor. I recommend seeing this film and if you liked The Fault in our Stars and Me before You, you will love this film. The film is based on the Novel of the same name.

Rating wise I give this a strong 8/10.

Cineworld Cineworld Unlimited Movies Review

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