The Hitman’s Bodyguard 

Another Cineworld Unlimited screening saw me take in The Hitman’s Bodyguard, starring Ryan Reynolds as Michael Bryce who is hired by Amelia (Elodie Yung) to protect and make sure Darius Kincaid (Samuel L Jackson) gets to the International Court of Justice after he agrees to testify, for the freedom of Sonia (Salma Hayek) his wife, against Vladislave Dukhovic (Gary Oldman) the Dictator of Belarus who is accused of crimes against humanity. The following contains spoilers.

Michael Bryce is a top end bodyguard until a Japanese arms dealer he is protecting is shot and he falls into disgrace and is now protecting corporate executives when his ex-girlfriend Amelia calls him asking him for help. Amelia was part of an Interpol team that was ambushed whilst escorting Kincaid from Manchester to The Hague, she and Kincaid survive and find a safe house. Bryce goes to the safe house and wants to kill Kincaid as they’ve been rivals for many years until Kincaid arrest and imprisonment. This then starts the adventures of Kincaid and Bryce as Amelia returns to her post at Interpol, during there adventures they’re chased by both the Police and Dukhovic hitmen who are trying to stop Kincaid from testifying. The adventure of the two is as much a comedy itself as action with Kincaid trying to shake of Bryce and when failing trying to get him to fall back to his old ways and they end up having to hitchhike with a mini bus full of Nuns to the ferry port. In Amsterdam whilst on their way to the Hague they have a Boat, Car, Motorbike chase that see Kincaid on a boat along the canals being chased by the Police, Interpol and Dukhovic’s men in cars whilst Bryce is on a bike trying to stop them getting to Kincaid. Bryce is then captured and is tortured but holds out and Kincaid comes in and rescues him. The pair arrive just in time to the court and Dukhovic then admits responsibility and says he will rule his country how he wants and his men resort to Plan B and blow the court up with a bomb that’s hidden in a truck that’s been driven at the court, Dukhovic grabs a gun and tries to shots Kincaid but Bryce gets in the way and Kincaid chases Dukhovic up to the roof where he finally pushes him off. Bryce reunited with Amelia is taken to hospital whilst Kincaid is returned to prison. Afterwards Kincaid escapes and reunites with Sonia after her release.

I really enjoyed this film and was a lot funny than I was expecting Samuel and Ryan really worked well together and I was surprised by Salma foul mouth but that itself was quite funny. It’s worth watching just to see the road trip (Comedy) to Amsterdam as much as the trials in Amsterdam (Action). I’m sure you can pick holes in it if you wanted to look but this is a very enjoyable and funny film and has loads of action, go and watch this.

Rating, this is another that has a strong 8/10, I even considered giving this a 9/10 and follows along the lines of very good Unlimited Screening that Cineworld have shown.

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