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I was watching Legally Blonde last night and it got me thinking as I’ve also see the stage Musical show as well whether we’re right to judge a stage Musical with the film version, personally I say no as with a Musical you’re limit with scenes and in some instances (like Legally Blonde) your changing it to a Musical rather than like Grease which is already a Musical (I think Grease went Stage to Screen to Stage), I think it’s like compare Classical music to Hip Hop. The Stage & Screen versions tend to keep to the same storyline/plot but with a stage you can’t chop and change scenes and you can’t have as many chatting scenes like the scene from Legally Blonde where we learnt the Bend & Snap, in the Movie you have a lot of chatting but in the Muscial they turned the Bend & Snap into a tune and song to keep the audience involved, that’s also another big difference in Film you don’t have an audience to participate you just have cameras and a director and plenty of takes and retakes and changing of Camera position, the stage is live and you have to carry on whatever, you can also get slight ad-libs (Michael Ball & Les Dennis in Hairspray) and mishaps (Debbie Gibson in Grease) which means the same show is never always the same. 

There are perhaps a few movies that have been made into musicals that don’t work and a few musicals that having been made into film that you don’t bring the same connection (for me Chicago is better on stage then screen as feel you’re disconnected to the music). I expect there are a lot of films that could become musicals (not talking films like Marvel’s, Star Wars etc.) but never will though I expect most Musicals have been turned into films whether a hit or not (there are a few I don’t know if have been done though). 

I started thinking maybe it depends on what you saw first but I saw Billy Elliott and Hairspray on stage before seeing the film and like both as equal as still see them as different format, I thought maybe I can differentiate between the two, maybe I can but I have started comparing books to films and vice-versa so not sure about that now but that’s a different blog. 

Anyway if you’ve never seen a Musical you should, it’s a very enjoyable evening and for most of them you will be tapping your feet. 

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  1. Sometimes I see a musical live before the movie or the movie before the musical live. You shouldn’t judge the movie or the stage show off of the original. I agree it does have to do with what you saw first.


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