The Limehouse Golem

Based on the Novel by Peter Ackroyd The Limehouse Golem is a horror/thriller film starring Bill Nighy and Olivia Cooke set in the Limehouse region of London during the 1880’s and the Limehouse region has been rocked by multiple murders and Inspector Kildare (Nighy) has been assigned the cases where during his investigation crosses path with Elizabeth “Lizzie” Cree (Cooke) who is undergoing trial for poisioning her Husband John who is a Suspect in the Kildare investigation in to what has been named the Limehouse Golem by the Press.

I don’t want to give too much away with this review as I think it’s well worth a watch. Bill Nighy is right on form as Inspector Kildare and Olivia Cooke I thought was superb as Lizzie Cree a Music Hall Actress that stands accused of poisoning her play-writer husband John. Nighy’s character is helped by Daniel Mays (Constable Flood) and acts as a perfect foil for him. Cooke I’ve not come across her before as not watched the TV and Films she has been in and was impressed by her performance and is another I would like to see how perform in Major pictures. Douglas Booth who plays Dan Leno who acts as the Narrator as well as the major star of the Music Hall where Lizzie starts starring in is also a major player in the film but less so then the others.

The opening scene is also parting of the closing scenes as we “start at the very end”. There are some pretty gruesome scenes and we are replayed some of the murders by the different suspects as Kildare investigates the suspects and some other scenes some will find unpleasant and in truth I’m surprised was only given a 15 rating but it is set in the poor area of London in the 1880’s and before Jack the Ripper so though much of the violence was the norm for this area it is hard hitting but it does keep in tune with the story.

Though this is a film I would’ve not have watched if I didn’t have an Unlimited Card, I’m glad I did watch this though it may not be one I watch often again but I have to give it an 8/10 as you can get enthralled in the story and this makes it a very good film.



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