New Music Friday

Okay nicked this idea from many Music TV, Radio and Streaming services but downloaded some new tracks during the week and here is my verdict on them. 

Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do – well no matter what you think of Taylor she produces hits and this will be a massive hit, she can sing and write hit songs. This has number 1 written all over it and though not a track you dance too this will be on loads of playlists and the mix of BPM will also make this perfect Gym song too. 

Paloma Faith – Crybaby – I’ve always liked Paloma Faith as she’s unique and has a unique voice in my opinion and whilst this is probably not her at her best it’s a nice easy track to listen to and will be a hit. 

Charli XCX – Boys – after in my opinion a poor few tracks Charli is back with a nice simple track that shows off her Vocals which I think are brilliant, she is as talented singing as she is writing. 

Taylor Swift – Ready for it – this is kind of strange as seems like 2 tracks in 1, whilst this makes a good album track I don’t think it has the staying power for a single. 

Kelly Clarkson – Move You – Kelly’s back, I’m no doubt biased as Kelly is one of my favourite singers and her American X Factor (or Pop Idol or whatever) is the only final I’ve seen. This again shows off her vocal range and her new album will no doubt be a smash hit. 

Mollie King – Hair Down – I’m not sure if this is Mollie’s first or second solo release after the Saturday’s, this is back to 90’s teen pop and a tune you’ll have at a party to dance too, I expect this will be a successful as will appeal to teenagers and she has the looks to back up and it’s a safe song but there is better songs out there. 

Kelly Clarkson – Love So Soft – this track reminds me of Nelly Furtado where it’s more of speaking singing then most of her other songs but is easy to listen to and probably a hint at her new album which I’m certainly looking forward to hearing. A hit in the making but I doubt will be a roaring success in the main charts. 

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