Shania Twain – Now

Am writing whilst listening to a new album by Shania Twain

Shania’s latest album (15 years after her last studio album) is a throwback to her Country music roots and starts with a country fusion track; Swinging with my eyes closes, this track shows off Shania’s near perfect vocals and sounds more country then her recent tracks. Home now starts moving away from the country sound and more to her last album. The fifth track Who’s going to be your girl, takes you back to her Come On Over album and is one of the best tracks on her album and is such an easy to listen to track. Light of my Life and Poor Me are good album tracks but not up to the high expectations I had for Shania. More Fun, sounds more like a Carrie Underwood track as a different sound to Shania’s normal tracks but again you can’t fault it even if not a big hit. I’m Alright, another easy listening track with a nice steady beat that’s perfect for RPM, before an acoustic break in the middle that breaks the track up nicely. Let’s kiss and make up, a country music song title but a confusing track, a nice beat/rhythm but the lyrics weren’t fitting to the track. Where do you think you’re going, a ballad and a lovely slow track and reminds me of the last track you get on side B of an album and as track 9 would fit into that category too. Roll me on the river, now a confusing title but a good mix of Country and Pop. We got something they don’t, a nice foot tapping beat but pretty forgettable. Because of you, another track 9 song but one that could be a hit, it starts off nice and smoothly, You can’t buy love, goes back to country style of music. Life’s about to get good, a nice upbeat song and another potential hit. Soldier another that starts slowly and is perfect for Shania’s smooth tones. All in All, the last track on the Deluxe edition of the album is another decent album track but nothing special. Overall for a first studio album in 15 years this is a safe album and after her vocal issues and having to change her vocals this was probably the plan to bring herself back into mainstream after her Las Vegas residency. I don’t think any artist will do another Come On Over so think Shania will always be compared to that album but on a whole still better then a lot of music out there and it will be successful as she has a lot of loyal fans.  

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