For my 100 blog post here is a different style of review for mother!


I ended up watching this twice to try and understand this morning, these are notes I made after seeing first time –

Interesting film, Jennifer grew into role, not sure about the 1st person camera work, not a film I’ll watch again and the body double didn’t work as different physic to Jennifer. Whilst watching the film I thought Jennifer character was the house which I thought coincided with the last 15/20 with I thought all the chaos showing what the house has been through but reading a snippet about the film she’s Mother Earth which would also tie in to the film with Javier as God. Personally the film only came alive in last 15/20 minutes which I think where the 18 rating came about, this offered so much more and Overall i was disappointed with it. 

Just noticed I said not a film I’ll watch again but I went again, here my thoughts after seeing it the second time –

Jennifer Lawerence performance is one of her best and a very emotional one, I think now that the house represents earth and she’s the keeper and mother of it so saying she’s Mother Earth is correct and Javier Bardem who is the poet/writer is the creator/god, one evening a visitor (man) arrives (Ed Harris) followed the next day by a women (Michelle Pfeiffer) which I now believe are Adam & Eve then their sons arriving arguing (Cane & Abel), the youngster son kills the eldest the eldest after a fight breaks out then the film becomes more confusing and mother becomes pregnant and the creator then gets past his writers block and produces a masterpiece and everyone comes to worship him and mother goes into labour and gives birth to a boy, whilst she’s in labour we see several things that has happened on earth happening in the house, riots, wars to name a couple. After giving birth mother falls asleep and he shows the baby off to the worshippers but the baby is killed and mother tries to find him and finds that he’s been butchered and given to the worshippers and she lashes out stabbing several of them before she is grabbed and beaten before he rescues her but she escapes his grasps and goes to the basement and sets the house the light and she is badly burnt whilst he escapes unharmed, as she’s dying she tells him to take her love and he reaches into her chest and pulls out her heart and gets a crystal out we then transform back to the beginning but with a different mother and I expect the cycle starts again. Not been a follower of religion a lot of it I don’t understand though I do get what Darren Aronofsky is trying to do.

The second time I tried to spot any obvious where I thought the body double was used and still think one was used as a certain part of Jennifer’s physic is different and could only see 2 beauty spots whilst Jennifer has 3 though this just maybe me trying to find something not there. 

This must be first movie that I don’t think a name is used during the whole film though the subtitles do mention Herald who is his agent but played by Kristen Wiig.

Maybe someone who knows the bible may understand it more and I probably gave it a bit misjusticed after the first showing. I would’ve give it 5 out of 10 after first showing but give it 7 out of 10 now.

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