Home Again

Labelled as a Rom-Com starring Reese Witherspoon, Candice Bergen and Michael Sheen, it focuses on Reese’s character Alice Kinney who is the daughter of a famous Film Directory John Kinney and after separating from her husband and father of her 2 daughters Austen (Michael Sheen) moves into her father’s old house.

During a night out to celebrate her birthday Alice and her friends encounter 3 aspiring filmmakers who are in LA trying to win a deal to make/produce their short film to a feature length version and their all end back at Alice’s house. The next morning George (the writer) stubbles across a room full of John Kinney’s stuff and realizes that Alice is John’s daughter just then Lillian (Candice Bergen) Alice’s mother arrives with Alice’s 2 daughters Isabel and Rosie and George starts chatting to Lillian complimenting her about her roles in John’s films, Alice takes the girls off to school whilst Lillian makes the boys breakfast and ends up offering them Alice’s guest house for them to stay in.

Harry the producer/director of the 3 starts to form a romantic relationship with Alice whilst the other 2 bond with the girls whilst they meet producers regarding their film and they (apart from Harry) take additional roles, George as a Screenwriter and Teddy as an actor. Isabel starts to rely on George for emotional support and George encourages her to write a screen play for her School. Austen then arrives as doesn’t like the 3 lads living in Alice’s guest house and wants to try again with Alice. However the lads are concerned about him and that he will upset Austen and try to speak to Alice about their concerns but Alice goes out with Austen and the girls, the following day whilst Teddy and Austen talk, they start fighting just as Alice arrives with the girls and tells the lads they need to move and she then tells Austen she wants a divorce.

A week later Alice visits the lads in their new flat and they all apologise and start rebuilding their friendship and George speaks to her about Isabel as they’ve kept in touch. On the night of Isabel’s play the lads see an investor for their film and Harry finally sticks up and says that he’s not happy with what they want to do and they’re missing the opportunity and they need to leave to go and see Isabel’s play. Harry and Teddy go to audience and sit with Alice but George has trouble getting back stage and Isabel is on stage and just as she starts panicking George arrives backstage and Miss Avery (her teacher) and George manage to get her attention and all her worries go and her play is a success, the movie then ends with them all sitting round a table in Alice’s garden all friends and all having a part in Alice and the girls lives.

I liked this movie though not sure it should be labelled as a Rom-Com as not sure it really does either but it is a nice easy film to watch and it takes you away from your everyday life for 90 minutes which is what a good movie should do. It won’t win awards but is just a nice perfect movie to watch.

Rose Byrne was original cast as Alice and I think it was a good job that Reese replaced her as I don’t think the movie would’ve worked with her, Reese still looks young even though she is 41 which makes that a 27 year old would fall for her and she is a Mother and this also shows in the film as she has the natural maternal instincts that shows through in the film.

This deserves a solid 7 out 10.

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