This review has taken me a few months to finish for some reason as never got back to finishing after starting this, I think this is probably because was disappointed with the film and not as good as hoped it would be.

Starring Noomi Rapace, Orlando Bloom, Michael Douglas, John Malkovich and Toni Collette, a CIA Agent, Alice (Noomi Rapace), who moved to London after failing to stop a Terror attack in Paris years previously is called back into action and into a ruse by her Mentor and former boss Eric Lasch (Michael Douglas).

Alice living in London is called into action by the London Station to unlock a suspect who is believed to be a messenger for a Terror attack, whilst she is unlocking the suspect she receives a call from her CIA bosses in the US about them making contact with the London Station but she says they’ve contacted her she’s told they’ve not informed the London Station and Alice then believes she’s caught in a ruse and helps the suspect escape, she makes her way back to Eric’s place and when it’s attacked she manages to escapes and finds an old CI and with his help finds another suspect in the circle but ends rescued by an ex solider (Orlando Bloom) who helps her before she realizes that he is also part of the ruse and she can trust no-one besides the agents that are confirmed on her side by the CIA in the US and part of the London Station that’s not part of the Ruse.

Alice finally stops Eric from unleashing the biological substance at Wembley stadium where an American Football game is being held and is welcome back into the field full-time after it’s discovered that there was delay with the her report of the potential Paris Attack from reaching the French Police which could’ve stopped the attacks.

I was really looking forward to seeing this film as one of the genre’s I find interesting but I was disappointed with the film and thought it could’ve been better, it was also too American to be set mainly in London as didn’t feel like it was set in London besides the background for example they choose American Football as the big game in London.

There was nothing wrong with the actors/actresses in the film it was just the script and setting I thought was wrong.

It’s a okay watch and I’ll give it a 6.5 out of 10.

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