Kingsman – The Golden Circle

The follow up to Kingsman – The Secret Service see’s Colin Firth, Taron Egerton, Mark Strong, Edward Holcroft, Sophie Cookson and Hanna Alstrom return with Julianne Moore (Poppy), Halle Berry (Ginger Ale), Elton John (as himself), Channing Tatum (Tequila) and Jeff Bridges (Champagne) joining the cast, we return a year after the Eggsy foiled Valentine’s neurological wave broadcast and the loss of Galahad, Eggsy is now living with the crown Princess Tilde of Sweden after he rescued her from Valentine, on his way home the Kingsman shop he is attacked by a former Kingsman candidate (Charlie) and his henchmen but manages to escape but Charlie’s cybernetic arm that he loses during the fight manages to hack into the Cabs computer system into the Kingsman database and sends missiles to the Kingsman HQ and also to the agents houses including Arthur and Roxy as well as Eggsy home though he is visiting Tilda’s parents at the time but his Pug JB is also killed when Eggsy residence is hit too.

Eggsy and Merlin the only surviving Kingsman (Merlin surviving as he’s not in the database as not an agent) follow the Kingsman protocol and end up at the Statesman their American cousins which poses as a Bourbon Whiskey distillery. When they arrive at the Statesman they go through some tests to make sure they are who they are and then are shown another agent who has lost his memory after being saved a year before and are then shown Harry who has also lost an eye but was saved by special treatment by the Statesman. The Statesman then brief Eggsy and Merlin about a drug cartel called the Golden Circle but when Agent Tequila develops a rash Agent Whiskey steps in and goes with Eggsy to Glastonbury to find Clara Von Gluckberg, Charlie’s ex-girlfriend who have stayed in contact. Eggsy has to plant a tracking device in Clara which he informs Tilda of what he has to do which strains their relationship as he must do this intimately (and a bit embarrassing to me as was watching with my friends 16-year-old daughter).

Poppy Adams the head of the Golden Circle broadcasts a message saying she has laced recreational drugs with a toxin that causes the user to develop a blue rash which progresses through 3 stages, Mania, Paralysis and finally Death but she has the antidote and demonstrates this on her hostage Elton John and she will release the antidote if the President ends his war of drugs and offers her immunity. The President orders all those effected to be quarantined by locking them up at football stadiums across the US including his chief of staff.

Meanwhile Eggsy and Merlin manage to cure Harry’s amnesia by pretending to shoot a dog which is part of the Kingsman training and using the tracker in Clara they learn the factory producing the antidote is in Italy, they infiltrate the factory and manage to steal a sample but as they escape Whiskey breaks it and Harry shots him in the head as suspects he is playing both sides but Eggsy saves his life with the same treatment that the Statesman used on Harry. Harry, Merlin and Eggsy then fly to Cambodia where they’ve discovered Poppy’s lair to get the remote to release the antidote, once at the Lair Merlin rescues Eggsy from landmine and sacrifices himself and takes many of Poppy’s soldiers with him, Eggsy manages to kill Charlie and Harry manages to destroy the robodogs that Poppy has with the help of Elton John, they then inject the toxin in to Poppy to get the password and then unlock the remote but as they start Whiskey arrives and tries to stop them as he wants to get rid of all the drug addicts and users in the world to avenge the death of his wife and unborn child at the hands of drug users in a robbery. They then fight and Whiskey is killed by being shoved into the meat grinder that Poppy had in the diner, they then release the antidote and save the drug users. The Chief of Staff then has the president arrested for conspiring to commit genocide. Agent Champagne announces that the Statesman has acquired a distillery in Scotland to help rebuild the Kingsman. Eggsy marries Tilda and Tequila moves to London to help with the rebuilding of the Kingsman.

Having only recently watched the first instalment of the Kingsman it was still very fresh in my mind but with this film also reference back to the previous film this kept the story flowing and you didn’t get loss in the film. This is getting close to be a mix of James Bond, Mission Impossible and Marvel/DC films but it was enjoyable and it work. I enjoyed even if gave me an awkward moment during the film. I would recommend this as a light-hearted film especially when Elton John turns Badass 😊 This is another film that boarders on 7-8 out of 10 so I’ll stick to the middle and give it 7.5 out of 10


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