Rough Night


Date of Review :- Sunday 8th October 2017

Starring :- Scarlett Johansson (Jess), Kate McKinnon (Pippa), Jillian Bell (Alice), Ilana Glazer (Frankie), Zoe Kravitz (Blair)

Review :-

We start in 2006 when 4 friends; Jess, Alice, Frankie and Blair are at College and we then fast forward 10 years and Jess is about to marry Peter so Alice decides the 4 of them should spend the weekend in Miami partying as a Hen weekend. Alice is now a teacher, Frankie an activist, Blair an Estate Agent going through a divorce and Jess a Senatorial candidate. They arrive in Miami and meet up with Pippa Jess’s friend from her semester in Australia and they all go to a club and end getting high and hire a stripper for Jess. When they make their way to the house they’re staying in for the weekend, they meet the neighbours who have the key for them. Once in the house and start telling stories a man arrives who the girls presume is the stripper and gets him to start stripping, Alice then jumps on him and cause them both to fall with him hitting his head on the fireplace killing him. As that happens Jess takes a phone call from Peter and mentions that her friends hired a stripper and doesn’t know what to do whilst panicking before Alice destroys her phone. Peter not hearing the fall part thinks that Jess is going to leave him and starts panicking himself and his friends don’t help him so he starts setting off to drive to Miami to speak to Jess.

We then end up following both storylines the girls and trying to get rid of the body and Peter’s trip to Miami.

Whilst the storyline of the girls is straight out of Weekend at Bernies, Peter’s is not very good at all.

I feel that this film missed an opportunity and felt it tried to match Weekend at Bernies and focused too hard on them trying to dispose of the body and the storyline with Peter should’ve left out. It was disappointing to be honest so I’m only give it a 6 out of 10 as not bad enough to deserve less.



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