The Mountain Between Us

Date of Review :- 9th October 2017

Starring :- Kate Winslet & Idris Elba with Raleigh & Austin as the Dog

Director :- Hany Abu-Assad

Review :- Been looking forward to this since I saw the it was being done though was concerned how Kate & Idris would gel together. I am and will always be a fan of Kate (as readers of my blog will know) though not every film has been good, but this was back up with her best and I think is a genuine Oscar Contender, I think this is the best performance I’ve seen of Idris and perhaps first non-action movie I’ve seen him in. A brief plot is that after their flight is cancelled due to an incoming Storm Alex (Kate) overhears Ben (Idris) saying he needs to fly tonight and Alex charters a plane to take them but over the mountains the pilot suffers a stroke and the plane crashes leaving Alex, Ben and the dog (you can’t forget the dog) to fight for survival in the wilderness. It’s based on a novel of the same name and was released a day after Kate’s birthday and for a 41-year-old (as she was at the time) mum of 3 she still has a wonderful figure.

Overall I think this is a very good film and I think the pairing worked and as mentioned I believe this has got a good chance of being nominated for several awards. I’ve read some other reviews since I watched the film and I’m not sure what some people expect in a movie or what a human would do in the same situation it seems some people expect them to die after 24 hours in the plane which would make a short film. Films to me are suppose to take you away from everyday life and tell you a story, even films based on true stories are exaggerated and this did, it was another film that I didn’t touch my drink as was that engrossed in the film. I can’t not mention the dog as he brings light to the story and verfy much part of the story. Maybe the ending is a Movie ending but it was a nice ending, I don’t think it would’ve mattered too much to the movie if ended differently but I liked that way it did.

My rating has to be 9/10, watch it.

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