Blade Runner 2049

Date of Review :- 8th October 2017
Starring :- Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Ana de Armas and Sylvia Hoeks
Director :- Denis Villeneuve

Review :- This movie looked good from the trailers and having not seen the the forst Blade Runner Film I didn’t know what to expect. Brief Summery of film, K works for the LAPD as a Blade Runner, a replicant that is used to hunt and ‘retire’ older replicant models and lives in an apartment with his holographic girlfriend Joi which is a product from the Wallace Corporation that also now make the replicants, during one retiring he finds a buried box that opens up a minefield of issues as contains a body of a once pregnant replicant and leads him to find a former Blade Runner Rick Deckard not knowing who to trust along the way.
I enjoyed this film and will need to watch the Original Blade Runner but even without seeing the first film you can watch this film on its own but I expect would be more understanding if had seen the original. I however think the film was too long at 160 minutes and some scenes could’ve cut out as we didn’t need all the scenes with K and Joi and the part where he goes to the Wallace Corporation could’ve trimmed in my opinion. That said this was one of the best Sci-Fi films I’ve seen this year and I liked Ana de Armas and Sylvia Hoeks in the film as this was the first time I had come across them and their were on par with Ryan and Harrison who were the main stars of the film though like many films now one of the big stars only shows up near the end.
As a Cinema release whilst it looks good on a big screen I think films that are over 2 and half long are too long, having a 3 hour film as home media isn’t as bad and as mentioned I think could’ve been shortened without losing any of the story. This reflects in my rating as only giving it a 7/10 but if was about 30 minutes shorter it would’ve got an easy 8/10. If you can watch 160 minute films and like Sci-Fi go and watch.

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