Date of Review :- 17th September 2017

Starring :- Jaeden Lieberger, Bill Skarsgard, Wyatt Oleff, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Sophia Lillis, Jack Dylan Grazer and Finn Wolfhard

Director :- Andy Muschietti

Review :- Possibly one of the most eagerly awaited movie of the year (minus Star Wars, Marvel & DC films), it’s based on the 1986 Novel of the same name by Stephen King that originally was a miniseries in 1990, though personally I don’t think it lived up to it’s expectations and the hype but more about that shortly. It was also the second of back to back films I saw after watching mother!

If you don’t know it’s set in 1988 and Bill (Jaeden) makes his younger brother Georgie a paper boat which he chases after a starts gaining pace on the stream of rainwater until it washes down a drain, as he tries to retrieve it he sees a clown in the Sewer who introduces himself as Pennywise the Dancing Clown, Pennywise then entices Georgie closer to the drain and severs his arm and then drags him in to the Sewer. We then jump to the following Summer when Bill wants to try and find Georgie and enlists the helps of his friends the so called “Loser Club” and are joined by Beverly Marsh who is picked on due to runours that she is Promiscuous and a new kid Ben who has been studying the history of the town and has found that the town is plagued by unexplained tragedies and child disappearances for years, he meets the “Loser Club” after escaping the Bowers Gang who have been bullying him for his large size as well as the Loser Club.

The Loser Club then rescue Mike from the Bower bullies and after whilst Bill talks about seeing Georgie the other members mention they have seen similar things and figure out that IT (Pennywise) assumes the appearance of what they fear the most and prays on this and believe it appears every 27 years. They all go to the Well House which they believe Georgie is and possibly where IT hides out, they then see Pennywise and try to attack him in the house but Pennywise manages to split the group and terrorize them but Beverly manages to impale Pennywise and allows them to escape. Weeks later Beverly confronts her father who had been Sexually Abusing her and incapacitates him but is abducted by Pennywise, Bill arrives at Beverly’s and finds a message to him written by Pennywise, he manages to reassemble the Loser Club and they go and try and rescue her. They find the well and start to ascend when Bowers attacks Mike who is still at the top of the well but he manages to push Bowers down the well to his apparent death, the rest of the group then make their way to Pennywise Lair where they find a mountain of decaying Circus props and children belongings and the missing children floating in mid-air with Beverly catatonic, Bill sees Georgie but realizing that he is actually Pennywise pretending to be Georgie and whilst listens to Georgie doesn’t fall for it, meanwhile Ben kisses Beverly and wakes her up, Pennywise then takes Bill hostage and offers to spare the others if he can keep Bill, they refuse and said they’re not afraid anymore and together they’ve conquered their fears, a battle erupts and Pennywise is beaten and retreats with Bill saying he will starve during his hibernation. As the summer ends and the Loser Club meet up Beverly informs the group of a vision she had whilst catatonic and she saw them fighting Pennywise again when they’re adults and they blood swear to return if the creature returns Beverly then tells Bill that she is moving to her Aunt in Portland.


Whilst it is a pretty decent film I didn’t find it scary (perhaps you need to be scared of clowns), originally I was in 2 minds with it being set in the 1980’s as this is when the book was published so thought maybe that’s when the book is set but that it turns out that this is not the case, then when the Sequel was announced I thought perhaps this could be were the 27 years comes in to it but even that won’t tie up so not sure about the settings plus it was made as an 80’s movie it looked 80’s as it reminded me of Stand By Me (which is based on another Stephen King book), I also noticed the 27 year reference that was in the TV Series Haven which was also based on another Stephen King book, perhaps the makers are trying to somehow linking TV/Film, this in truth is the only thing I can really fault it besides not living up to my expectations and it wasn’t scary (maybe because I know the story).

I think it’s hard to give it higher than an 7 as it didn’t engross me as other films do, so I will give it a 7/10, some will enjoy this more than others and some will find it more scary then I did.



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