Movies, What do people want from them?

Whilst I write a review I tend to draft out what I’m going to write using notes app on my phone before laying it out (now on word) and uploading to WordPress, after I’ve drafted it I tend to check facts and read other reviews and I’ve noticed points in other reviews that I feel are daft in my opinion, their entitled to say it as that’s there opinion so I thought what do people want from films? It started a while back but it was whilst reviewing The Mountain Between Us that got me thinking about it as someone put in they review it was unrealistic as no-one said “I’m Cold” in it; so do we want it to be realistic, a good story, good setting, good morals, something you can relate too, something to make you scared, think or something different?

Personally I like a good story that draws you in and takes you away from everyday life, I now watch different genre and different types of films I didn’t use to watch, those that read my blog can see that my fave films are, Room which is based on a real story and it draws you in, The Day After Tomorrow a Sci-Fi/Thriller I guess unrealistic, probably, but again a good story that sucks you in and The Breakfast Club, something most people can relate to but again the story to me sucks you in.

I don’t everybody to like what I like and that’s a good thing and I like reading other people reviews even if I disagree with them, I’ll only comment if I think a fact is wrong though occasionally it’s because we’ve watched a different version of the film as there is slight differences in some movies between US, UK and other International releases.

So what do people want from a film? I don’t think there is a real answer to it as people want different things the same as in life.

So what do you want from a film?

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