Ana de Armas

In my review for Blade Runner 2049 I mentioned this was first time I’ve seen Ana in a film but I then realised I had seen her in War Dogs but she looked completely different, she also appeared in Overdrive which is on my to watch list as didn’t get to see at the cinema earlier this summer. When looking on IMDB I noticed she was the trending star of the week so thought I’ll find out a little about her. She’s 29 and Cuban and though she’s been around for a while it seems it’s only since last few years when she moved to LA from Spain that she’s appeared in more mainstream films such as Watch Dogs, Overdrive and Blade Runner 2049. I expect she will start appearing in more and I can even see her finding her way into Marvel/DC universe.

I may carry on doing little blogs on Actors/Actress and even directors like this as I also learn from doing it.

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