Monster Trucks

*Not sure why this didn’t get review at the time, it might’ve been on old site but got lost when 1 and 1 made a complete mess of it*

Date Watched: – 7th January 2017

Director: – Chris Wedge

Genre: –  Action, Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi

Starring: – Lucas Till (Tripp Coley), Jane Levy (Meredith), Amy Ryan (Cindy Coley), Rob Lowe (Reece Tenneson), Danny Glover (Mr Weathers), Barry Pepper (Rick), Holt McCallany (Burke), Frank Whaley (Wade Coley), Thomas Lennon (Dr Jim Dowd) & Tucker Albrizzi (Sam Geldon)

Review: –

Missed the review for this on my blog for some reason but took Bryony to this as a lazy weekend film after a hectic Christmas period and it was perfect for this.

An oil company that basically owns the town is digging for oil when an accident occurs and it releases 3 subterranean creatures but 2 are captured but one manages to escape, meanwhile Tripp is looking for something to do to escape his life as his parents are divorced and he doesn’t get on with his mum’s new boyfriend the local Sheriff, Tripp works part-time at the local junkyard and one evening whilst working on his Pickup truck when he encouters the escaped creature.

Tripp and classmate Meredith encounter the creature the following day and finds he has a diet of oil and take shelter in Tripps’ truck and they name him Creech, Tripp modifies the truck to give Creech more room and Creech beomes the trucks engine, when Tripp goes to see his dad who works for the Oil company he finds out he has sold Tripp out and the Oil Company are waiting for him to capture Creech.

Tripp and Meredith then go and rescue Creech and the other 2 creatures who turn out to be Creech’s parents, during the Rescue Tripp is saved by Creech after falling into the gap that leads the creatures back home, Tripp and Rick start to have a better relationship and Meredith and Tripp begin dating.

This reminded me a lot of the Saturday Morning films I used to watch when I was a kid. This is an easy to watch film and has some funny moments in and you can’t help but love Creech. This is a solid family film and does what it’s supposed to and I give it a solid 7/10

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