The Snowman

Date Watched: – 18th October 2017

Director: – Tomas Alfredson

Genre: –  Crime, Drama, Horror, Thriller

Starring: – Michael Fessbender (Harry Hole), Rebecca Ferguson (Katrine Bratt), Charlotte Gainsbourg (Rakel), Jonas Karlsson (Mathias), Val Kilmer (Rafto)

Review: –

I was expecting this to be more horror then it was though not sure why, this is based on the novel by Jo Nesbø and follows an elite detective (who’s going through issues and is drinking) who picks up an investigation from a new recruit, Katrine, regarding disappearance of women who’s abductor uses a Snowman as a calling card and Katrine believes it links to a disappearance of another women years previously.

The film starts years before the main story and then has a few flash back to 9 years previously which follows another detective (Rafto) who also investigated female disappearances which ties up in the main story in 2 ways. It is set in Winter and the investigation is kept under wraps whilst the bid for the World Cup is still to be decided to stop the chances of the city being affected.

I thought Rebecca and Michael played their characters superbly and I really liked Rebecca’s character and a bit disappointed how her character finished. The character of the “Snowman” is also kept hidden until you start to guess towards the end of the film as you probably think of 2 or 3 others during the film which keeps you guessing and interested in the film.

Overall it is a good film even if different to what I expected, it is a 15 as there is some gruesome scenes but overall I wouldn’t say was too bad though it might give some nightmares or feel sick. A solid 7 out of 10

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