Date Watched: – 23rd October 2017

Director: – Dean Devlin

Genre: – Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Starring: – Gerard Butler (Jake Lawson), Jim Sturgess (Max Lawson), Abbie Cornish (Sarah Wilson), Alexandra Maria Lara (Ute Fassbinder), Talitha Bateman (Hannah Lawson), Ed Harris (Leonard Dekkom) & Andrew Garcia (President Andrew Palma)

Review: –

Had this on my to watch list as soon as I saw the first trailer and been counting down the days as The Day After Tomorrow is one of my favourite films and this reminded me a bit about it. It didn’t disappoint and I will certainly be watching again. The following will contain spoilers so don’t read any further if going to see it.

A World Wide Net of Satellites built to prevent the extreme weather that has plagued earth starts to malfunction and causes more extreme weather and starts to trigger a Geostorm until the 2 estranged brother that built and run the Dutch Boy program (the net of Satellites) race to prevent the Geostorm that involves Max’s girlfriend (Sarah) a Secret Service Agent kidnapping the President and Jake to find the sabotager on the International Climate Space Station who has infected the Satellites with a Virus and has killed one of the Engineers and has also set the Station to self-destruct. Jake tells Max not to Trust anyone as thinks the President of the US is behind this after checking the Satellite logs with Ute (the Station Chief), during a Convention in Orlando Max finds out it is Dekkom that is behind the sabotage and Sarah kidnaps the President to protect him from assassination whilst Jake finds the programmer that planted the Virus on the Station who after a scuffle that sees Duncan (the Programmer) shoot the window whilst trying to shoot Jake which after Jake escapes the room explodes and sucks Duncan out into Space. Max & Sarah manage to get the President to NASA to transmit the Kill Codes that will stop the Satellites from causing the Geostorm but Jake tells Max they can’t stop the Self-Destruct and the rest of the crew of the Station have been evacuated. Whilst Jake starts to go to the Server Room to enter the Kill Codes, Ute comes and helps him as he tries to enter the wrong room as she has stayed behind as it’s her ‘Home’, they manage to input the Kill Codes in just in time to prevent the Geostorm just as the Station starts to complete the self-destruction, Jake sees a Satellite and with Ute manage to seek shelter in it as the Station completes the self-destruct. Jake uses the Jets to signal a SOS and a Shuttle picks them up and they all land back at Kennedy Space Centre and Jake and Max embrace.  The film starts and ends with Hannah Lawson do a voiceover.

I really enjoyed this film though many critics have panned this however reading their reviews what they suggested should’ve been done I think would’ve ruined it, yes some of the scenes could’ve been better and a bit far-fetched but the critics wanted more extreme scenes which to me would’ve made it far less believable. I like the Jake and Max characters and liked the scene where Jake gives Max a message in code that they came up with during their Childhood. I liked there were stories within stories as you had the relationship between the brothers, the relationship between Max and Sarah, the Sabotage of the Satellites and the Kidnapping of the President to prevent his assassination.

I have to give this a Solid 9/10 as I disagree with many of the Critics but we’re entitled to our own opinions.

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