The Dark Tower

Finally got round to completing this review, funny how I start one and then have to go back a month later to complete but have done loads of others in the mean time.

Date Watched: – 30th August 2017

Director: – Nikolaj Arcel

Genre: –  Action, Sci-Fi, Western, Fantasy

Starring: – Idris Elba (Ronald Deschain), Matthew McConaughey (Walter Padick), Tom Taylor (Jake Chambers), Claudia Kim (Arra), Katheryn Winnick (Laura Chambers), Dennis Haysbert (Steve Deschain) & Michael Barbieri (Timmy)

Review: –

Another movie that is based on a series of Stephen King Novels but acts as a continuation of them rather than reassembles them. Originally this was one of interest but like others the trailers build up a better picture and I decided to watch it even after getting mixed reviews as like mentioned in other blogs/reviews a review is only someone’s opinion and just because they think it’s bad doesn’t mean it is bad.

Jake is an 11 Year Old boy who experiences Visions that are dismissed as dreams by his mother, stepfather and psychiatrists caused by the trauma of his father’s death a year previous, Jake makes drawings of his visions to try and prove these are real and not dreams. When a group of workers for a Psychiatric facility offer to rehabilitate Jake, but he recognizes them from his Visions and escapes to a safe house from his vision where he discovers a Portal that takes him to Mid-World using the numbers from his vision.

Here Jake encounters Ronald who he calls a Gunslinger but Ronald denies he is this but after Jake explains who he is and how he found him Ronald protects Jake and then admits he’s the last Gunslinger and they recite the Gunslinger’s Creed, Ronald takes Jake to a village where he has his visions read by a Seer, meanwhile Walter learns of Jakes escape and visits Jake’s Mum and Stepfather, killing the Stepfather and questions his Mother before killing her too. Walter’s minions attack the village where Jake and Ronald are and kidnap Jake but Ronald shots the Kidnapper and rescues Jake, they return to New York (Jake’s home) where he finds his Step-Fathers body and charred remains of his Mum, Ronald vows to kill Walter for the both of them, whilst restocking Jake is snatched by Walter and is tied him to a machine that can use Jake’s power to bring down the Tower but Jake uses his psychic power to alert Ronald to his location, at first it looks like Walter has beaten Ronald as stops the bullets and rebounds them back at him wounding him, but Jake starts reciting the Gunslinger’s creed and Ronald manages to kill Walter using a trick shot and destroys the machine that is attacking the Tower and therefore saving the tower. Aftwerwards Ronald tells Jake he needs to return to his own world and offers Jake a place by his side if he wants to come with him which Jake accepts as has no place on his own.

Having not read the novels I didn’t know what to expect and I don’t know the background behind the movie so this put me at a disadvantage as not knowing the background does affect the movie though it is a good movie I think by not knowing the story I wasn’t getting the whole movie, whilst the movie itself was good I’m sure it would’ve been better having known the background which I don’t think the movie did explain unlike some of the others I’ve seen recently which have been sequels but judging the Film on its own it is a good film and the character of Jake is good with Walter and Idris playing decent backup roles though I thought these characters could’ve been better.

I give this a 7/10 as a decent film, it possibly could’ve been an 8 if I knew the background or it was explained better in the movie.

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