The Lego Ninjago Movie

Date Watched: – 26th October 2017

Director: – Charlie Bean, Paul Fisher & Bob Logan

Genre: –  Animation, Action, Family, Adventure

Starring: – Dan Franco (Lloyd), Michael Peña (Kai), Kumail Nanijani (Jay), Abbi Jacobson (Nya), Zach Woods (Zane), Fred Armisen (Cole), Jackie Chan (Mr Liu & Master Wu), Justin Theroux (Lord Garmadon), Olivia Munn (Koko) with Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard as themselves (The US version has Robin Roberts & Michael Strahan instead)

Review: –

The third Lego Movie (after The Lego Movie and The Lego Batman Movie) is based on the Ninjago series of sets, it starts when a young boy wonders into an Old Relic shop and after touching a few things meets the owner Mr Liu who after seeing the boy’s Lego figure pulls out an old Ninja Master Figure and starts to tell the boy about the legend of the Ninjago.

The movie then become animated as per the previous two Lego films and we are transported to the Lego City of Ninjago where Lord Garmadon keeps attacking the city trying to take it over and his soon Lloyd is disliked as is the son of Garmadon, the city is often rescued by a ground of Secret Ninja’s that turn out to be Lloyd and his friends and make up the 5 elements – Earth, Water, Ice, Fire and Lightening whilst Lloyd is the Green Ninja, the 5 are taught by Master Wu a Ninja Master and also Garmadon’s brother. Whilst trying to stop Garmadon Lloyd releases the Ultimate weapon but only in turns attracts a real life cat that they call Meowthra with attacks the city and destroys the Ninja Mechs and buildings and to get rid of Meowthra Master Wu says they have to get the Ultimate Ultimate weapon and they journey across the Forest of Dangers, The Canyon of Death to the Temple of Fragile Foundations, during the Journey they lose Master Wu but rescue Garmadon who starts to act like a father to Lloyd though at the Temple that turns out to be Garmadon old house and that Koko (Lloyd’s Mum) is a Ninja formerly known as Lady Iron Dragon, the Ninja’s then find the weapon but Garmadon locks them in the temple and returns to Ninjago with the weapon but Lloyd gets the rest of the Ninja’s to look inside and find their inner peace and their elements which they manage to do and Master Wu then rescues them and takes them back to city where Meowthra eats Garmadon after he threw the Ultimate Ultimate Weapon at it but Lloyd has now worked out why he is the Green Ninja and that is he the one that binds the rest together and then talks to Garmadon via Meowthra and Garmadon tear (of fire) drops on to Meowthra tongue who spits him out and they hug. Garmadon then moves in with Koko and Lloyd and Meowthra becomes the city mascot. We then revert back to Mr Liu shop and Mr Liu tells the young boy of the requirements needed for a ninja and they start at dawn.

This like the other Lego Movies are a lot of fun and silly but they’re perfect for kids and this movie like the Lego Batman Movie was released at the right time for Half Term. My Niece and Nephew saw this before me and I’m told enjoyed it, at 100 minutes this may be slightly too long for young kids but I liked the mix of real life and animation which was different to the Lego Batman Movie and as I’m a huge fan of Jackie Chan was pleased that he not only voiced Master Wu but was also the shop owner and had to do a stunt of course though unlike his Kung-Fu and other action films didn’t have to do a fighting scene (but you still see his outtakes at the end during the credits), I noticed that the Newsreaders where UK ones so I wondered if this would be different for rest of the world and when I got the list of cast I could see there was indeed different characters for the US version.

This is a very good family movie and I give it a solid 7/10 as though I enjoyed it I’m not sure it would be one I watch often.

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