Thor: Ragnarok

Date Watched: – 29th October 2017

Director: – Taika Waititi

Genre: – Action, Adenture, Comedy

Starring: – Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Tom Hiddleston (Loki), Cate Blanchett (Hela), Idris Elba (Heimdall), Jeff Goldblum (Grandmaster), Tessa Thompson (Valkyrie), Mark Ruffalo (Bruce Banner/Hulk), Anthony Hopkins (Odin) & Benedict Cumberbatch (Dr Strange)

Review: –

Second film of the day saw the latest Marvel Studio film of Thor, which having 99% rating (at time I looked before seeing) it was certainly one that we (Bryony, Dawn & myself) were looking forward to watching (plus we’ve watched all the other Marvel Films). Strangely this film opened in the UK a week or so before the US and I’m now caught between writing a review with spoilers or try to write one without, but after trying without I ended up having to include some spoilers.

Set after the Age of Ultron Thor finds himself in chains as a prisoner of Surtur who plans to destroy Asgard and fulfil the prophecy of Ragnarok, Thor defeats Surtur and returns to Asgard where he finds his brother Loki disguising himself as their father Odin, after finding that Loki has left their father on Earth they travel to Earth where Dr Strange transports Loki away and Thor finds the address of Dr Strange’s Sancrum Sanctorum and travels there to find Dr Strange (these scenes are pretty funny). Dr Strange then drops Loki back into the room and transports Thor & Loki to Norway where their father is. When they speak to their father, he reveals that they have an older sister who is powerful but evil called Hela who would take over the rule of Asgard as his first born when he dies, which he does and as the pair argue, Hela appears and when Thor throws his hammer at Hela but she catches and destroys it. Their call for Heimdall to retrieve them but Hela also enters the Bifrost and forces first Loki and then Thor out of the passage and returns to Asgard on her own where she takes over the rule and kills most of the soldiers whilst Hemidall escapes and hides many of the population of Asgard. Thor lands on the planet Sakaar which is run by the Grandmaster and is imprisoned, during his imprisonment he learns of the women who took him to the Grandmaster was a Valkyrie an former Asgard Warrior who had battled Hela and that he must fight Sakaar’s champion which when he enters the arena finds that it is the Hulk and at first laughs but when the Hulk charges Thor they then battle which ends up as a draw though Thor suggests he won. In Hulks residence Thor manages to escape and reach the Ship but the Hulk rips it apart and as a message from Black Widow is played the Hulk reverts back to Bruce Banner and they both start walking the street trying to find a way of the planet but Valkyrie finds them and takes them to Loki who she has chained up, the 4 of them team up and escape but Loki tries to stop Thor from escaping but Thor stuns Loki and leave Loki behind as they escape to Asgard to fight Hela. During the fight Loki arrives along with the revengers of Sakaar (Thor’s prison mates) and they help with the fight and Thor gets Loki to resurrect Surtur with the eternal flame as Hela is too strong for them all along with her warriors she has resurrected. The Asgard citizens along with the Revengers, Thor, Hulk, Valkyrie and Loki escape on the ship as Surtur drives the sword into the heart of the planet destroying Asgard and Hela at the same time, they then decide to fly to Earth when they encounter a massive ship and that’s where we end or do we? There is 2 extra scenes, 1 mid credit and 1 end of credit as per the norm for Marvel films.

Was this a good film? Yes. Is it worth the 99% rating on Rotten Tomato? Probably not. Is it the best Marvel Film so far? It’s one of the best but I think Guardian of the Galaxies Vol 2 maybe slightly better. Is it worth watching? Oh yes.

The Marvel Universe films seem to be able to join together to piece the whole Universe together unlike the DC Universe which the films seems to be all over the place and have massive gaps between them. Introducing new character like Valkyrie is good as it keeps expanding the universe, I’m not sure if there is enough history/material for her to get her own film but I wouldn’t rule it out.

I give this a solid 8/10 bordering on a 9/10 but not the 9-10/10 that many others are giving it.

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