Holiday Inn and White Christmas

The films rather than the film and song, as I hadn’t watched these before I thought was high time I did, though the song White Christmas is in the film White Christmas it was in Holiday Inn 12 years earlier that it was first sung by Bing and became a roaring success.

Holiday Inn

Starring Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire, Virginia Dale and Marjorie Reynolds. Jim (Crosby) & Ted (Astaire) along with Lila (Dale) are a popular musical act when Jim wants to marry Lila and retire to a farm he has just bought but Ted & Lila don’t want to retire and decide to continue without Jim. The following year Jim decides to turn the farm into an entertainment venue called The Holiday Inn and only open on Holidays. Ted and his agent scoff at Jim’s plan but whilst his Agent orders flowers for Lila from Ted, Linda an employee asks him for help into Show Business and he tells her about the Holiday Inn and gives her a pass to the entertainers table for Ted & Lola’s show and meets Jim and the follow Day (Christmas Eve) Linda travels to the Holiday Inn where Jim & Linda truly find out who each other and begin a partnership though during the year Jim gets an offer from Hollywood though refuses to be part of it but agrees to allow them to use the idea whilst Ted & Linda perform in Hollywood and get engaged. On Christmas Eve Jim travels to Hollywood and goes to the set of Holiday Inn and as the final scene is shot Jim sets the tree next to piano how they first did White Christmas and Linda sits down and sings White Christmas and finds her true feelings as Jim then joins in and they hug and Ted admits defeat. On New Years Eve the Holiday Inn reopens and Ted is reunited with Lila. The first first night at the Inn for Linda, Jim performs White Christmas which in time has become to biggest selling single ever and the part of the film became part of the Video. This is a must watch film if you like song, romance and Christmas. It’s another film I can’t believe I’ve not watched before.

White Christmas

Starring Bing again along with Danny Kaye, Rosemany Clooney & Vera Ellen it was the first film to be released in VistaVision (widescreen 35mm film) and again featured songs by Irving Berlin. After World War II former soldiers and now famous producers/performers Bob Wallace (Bing) and Phil Davies (Kaye) met and fall in love with a Sisters act called the Hayes Sisters, Betty (Clooney) & Judy (Ellen) and between them put on a show for their former General who’s Ski Lodge has fallen on hard times due to a pack of snow in Vermont. I’m not sure why it took me so long to watch and I really enjoyed it, though heard Bing Crosby songs this was possibly the first film I’ve seen him in (not yet watched Holiday Inn as write this). This is a must film to watch.

After watching these 2 films you can see what LA LA Land tried to achieve but was a long way short, perhaps due to era we’re now in. I’ve also noticed (as a typical male) how beautiful the leading actresses are and I believe more so then now as didn’t need technology to enhance their beauty.

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