A Bad Moms Christmas

Date Watched: – 2nd November 2017
Director: – Jon Lucas, Scott Moore
Genre: – Action, Adventure, Comedy
Starring: – Mila Kunis (Amy), Kristen Bell (Kiki), Kathryn Hahn (Carla), Christine Baranski (Ruth), Cheryl Hines (Sandy), Sussan Sarandon (Isis), Jay Hernandez (Jessie), Justin Hartley (Ty), Peter Gallagher (Hank), Oona Laurence (Jane Mitchell), Emjay Anthony (Dylan Mitchell), David Walton (Mike Mitchell), Wanda Skyes (Dr Elizabeth Karl) and Christina Applegate (Gwendolyn James) with Kenny G appearing as himself.
Review: –
Following the success of Bad Moms, Mila, Kristen, Kathryn all return along with Christina, Jay, Wanda and David for the follow up which looked really funny in the trailers. The 3 Moms vow to take back Christmas but their plans are interrupted when their Moms arrive for Christmas.
Each of the Moms have a different relationship with their Moms whilst Kiki is trying to set some boundaries with her Mom (Sandy) Carla is trying to get closer to her Mom (Isis) whilst Amy’s feels she’s never good enough for her Mom (Ruth) who wants everything to be perfect and we follow these relationships as the original Moms try to get things sorted for Christmas. We mainly focus on Amy and her relationship with her Mother who fails to recognise her boyfriend Jessie several times and has planned a completely traditional Christmas which includes seeing the Original 5 hour long Nutcracker, Carolling and a Christmas Eve Party for over 100 guests. On the way to the Nutcracker Amy decides that they should go to Sky Party instead and meet up with the other Moms and enjoy trampolining instead, this starts the fall out between Amy and Ruth as Amy wants the Christmas to be laid back and fun rather than what Ruth wants.
There is plenty of laughs and rude humour along the way as the Moms go to a Sexy Santa competition as one of the Santa’s has a thing for Carla and invites her. Kiki falls out with her Mom after saying she needs boundaries and distance whilst Carla’s Mom starts to leave with Carla’s money she had given her as a loan and when Amy arrives home from a night out with Jessie and the kids she sees Ruth hosting a Party after saying no to it and she loses her Temper and banishes her from seeing the kids again which upsets the kids as they go off to bed. Ruth goes to church whilst Amy speaks to her Father. At the church whilst Ruth is listening to the Mass, first Sandy and then Isis join her and they all tell of their issues with their kids and the other Moms say that what each other is doing is not right and Amy then arrives and apologises to her Mom and they make up and return home and clear up and redo the Christmas Decorations for the kids, the other Moms go back to their Daughters and make up. All the families go round Amy’s for Take Out as a Christmas Dinner when Ty Arrives to see Carla then Ruth, Sandy and Isis get up and saying they’re leaving for Vegas.
The ending leaves me hoping that they do a Mom’s Moms Vegas trip similar to Last Vegas as it has the potential to be a good movie. Whilst this movie didn’t live up to the previous one it is still really funny in places, it could’ve been better as seemed at times too cramped but I liked the differences between the Moms Mothers and how they between them saw what they was doing was not correct in the way of treating their own kids. Though I like the Bad Moms I’m not sure how they can continue this without it becoming silly and predictable which ruin the films. Can’t do half stars so has to be 4 stars but would be a 7/10.
⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

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