Murder on the Orient Express

Date Watched: – 5th November 2017

Director: – Kenneth Branagh

Genre: – Crime, Drama, Mystery

Starring: – Kenneth Branagh (Hercule Poirot), Penelope Cruz (Pilar Estravados), Willem Dafoe (Gerhard Hardman), Judi Dench (Princess Dragomiroff), Johnny Depp (Edward Ratchett), Josh Gad (Hector McQueen), Derek Jacobi (Edward Henry Masterman), Leslie Odom Jr (De Arbuthnot), Michelle Pfeiffer (Caroline Hubbard), Daisy Ridley (Mary Debenham), Marwan Kenzari (Pierre Michel), Olivia Colman (Hildegarde Schmidt), Lucy Boynton (Countress Elena Andrenyi), Manuel Garcia-Rulfo (Biniamino Marquez), Sergi Polunin (Count Rudolph Andrenyi), Tom Bateman (Bouc) and Miranda Raison (Sonia Armstrong)


One that originally I didn’t plan to see but again the trailer made it look interesting. Based on the famous Agatha Christie novel where the famous Detective Hercule Poirot must solve a murder on board the Orient Express after one of the passengers is murdered.

It’s the 1930’s and Poirot has just solved a theft at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and whilst in Turkey he meets Bouc who is an old friend and son of the owner of the Orient Express when he receives a telegraph to return to London to help with another case and Poirot asks Bouc if he can ride the Orient Express back to London. During the journey we meet the cast (though we do meet Mary and Dr Arburthnot previously whilst Poirot travels to Turkey via boat) and during the journey through the mountains an avalanche derails the train and a body is found aboard the train and Bouc asks Poirot to solve the murder to help him keeps his job, at first Bouc doesn’t want to as he says he is tired but then takes it on and interviews each passenger and tries to piece together the crime until he solves it whilst they wait for the train to be put back on the tracks.

As mentioned I didn’t plan on seeing this originally as not the type of films I enjoy and I’m afraid it lived up to this as I become bored during the film which is not a good sign, though I can’t fault the cast as all played their roles well especially Branagh as Poirot but I did feel this dragged for the 2 hours. As I’ve not read the book or watched the previous versions it did keep me guessing until the end but I’m afraid this didn’t make up for the rest of the film.

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