Movie Soundtracks

Listening to Don’t You Forget About Me on the radio on the way home got me thinking what’s the best Movie Soundtrack? My favourite theme is easy as it’s Star Wars as as soon as I hear the 20th Century Fox Jingle I get goosebumps even if not a Star Wars film (the story behind it is pretty well know for at least Star Wars fans but expect well known for all movie fans so I won’t tell the story here), though the latest digital release and the most recent films don’t have the fanfare on but I was around when the films were done originally, but I want to look at songs rather than themes. Some films have plenty and feature the main character (The Bodyguard – Whitney Houston, Purple Rain – Prince for example) not forgetting that there are Musicals that the main part of the film is the Music, musicals that stand out are Grease, Saturday Night Fever and The Sound of Music but the ones I love are St Elmo’s Fire (Running Man) from the film of the same name and The one that started this post off from The Breakfast Club that put Simple Minds into the limelight Don’t You Forget About Me. There are other films that song that is as famous as the film like Eye if the Tiger (Rocky), My Heart Will Go On (Titanic) and The Timewarp (The Rocky Horror Picture Show). I think there are Movies that became good because of the soundtrack (The Bodyguard for instance) and the song became famous because of the Movie (King of Wishful Thinking – Pretty Woman, springs to mind) but I bet everyone has a different favourite movie song and I’ve not mentioned hundreds of fantastic tracks and I’ve not even mentioned Disney films that always produce a song you’ll never forget.

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