Only The Brave

Date Watched: – 12th November 2017

Director: – Joseph Kosinski

Genre: – Biography, Drama

Starring: – Josh Brolin (Eric ‘Supe’ Marsh), Miles Teller (Brendan ‘Donut’ McDonough), James Badge Dale (Jesse Steed), Taylor Kitsch (Chris MacKenzie), Geoff Stults (Travis Turbyfill), Alex Russell (Andrew Ashcraft), Thad Luckinbill (Scott Norris), Ben Hardy (Wade Parker), Scott Haze (Clayton Whitted), Jake Picking (Anthony ‘Baby G’ Rose), Scott Foxx (Travis Carter), Dylan Kenin (Robert Caldwell), Ryan Busch (Dustin DeFord), Kenny Miller (Sean Misner), Ryan Jason Cook (William Warneke), Brandon Bunch (Garret Zuppiger), Matthew Van Wltering (Joe Thurston), Michael McNulty (Joe Woyjeck), Nicholad Jenks (John Percin Jr), Sam Quinn (Grant McKee), Jennifer Connelly (Amanda Marsh), Jeff Bridges (Duane Steinbrink) and Andie MacDowell (Marvel Steinbrink)

Review: –

Based on the Prescott Fire Department Granite Mountain Hotshots and the tragedy of the Yarnell Hill Fire that killed 19 off the 20 members of their memebers, this is the type of film I love watching and when it was shown as a trailer I was looking forward to seeing it, it proved quite difficult to get tickets as Cineworld decided to put it on the smallest screen and has proven to be a popular film but I managed to see it Sunday evening. In 2007 the Prescott Fire Department have been helping fight Forest Fires and Marsh is frustrated when during one fire he makes a suggestion to the Hotshots (an elite Wildland Firefighters team) is ignored and a snide comment is made towards his team, Marsh then with the help of Duane approach the Mayor to get the team certified who agrees to help get them certified as Type 1 (Hotshots) and Marsh recruits more men including Brendan who has just become a father but has also been in trouble with the law and been a user, during the initial run Brendan falls miles behind but completes the run taking a selfie to prove that he ran up the hill they had to run up. During the training and the fires their fight the team becomes close and Brendan finds a new maturity and starts to get on better with the mother of his daughter and starts to bond. During one fire that are supervised to see if they will be Certified when Marsh has a disagreement with how the fire should be treated and feels he has ruined the team chance but they pass the Certification and become the Granite Mountain Hotshot Team and the only Municipal base team in the US. One of their first assignments sees them protect the Juniper Tree near there town. However on their way back down Brendan gets bitten by a Rattlesnake and is taken to hospital. They’re then called to the Yarnell Hill Fire with Brendan acting as a look out as still recovering from the snakebite. As the fire starts to change direction the Hotshots become trapped, Brendan not with the rest of the crew is rescued but the other 19 members dead in their fire shelters as the shelters weren’t designed to withstand direct flames which seems to have happened.

I think the film is a perfect tribute to the Hotshots and their families, many of the 19 that died were young fathers with young kids, I liked the tribute at the end where it named with real life photos of the 19 that died. The film itself may not have been all the action type you might expect from the name and trailer of the film like Deepwater Horizon was like but I think this was perfect as it showed how they became hotshots, how they became certified and the bond they manage to create despite having a rough start, if you like true stories and like acts of heroism then this is a must watch film. I enjoyed it a lot. This is worthy of the 8/10 I give it (or 4 Stars)


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