Paddington 2

Date Watched: – 12th November 2017

Director: – Paul King

Genre: – Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Starring: – Hugh Bonneville (Henry Brown), Sally Hawkins (Mary Brown), Brendan Gleeson (Knuckles McGinty), Julie Waters (Mrs Bird), Jim Broadbent (Samuel Gruber), Peter Capaldi (Mr Curry), High Grant (Phoenix Buchanan), Ben Whishaw (Paddington), Madeleine Harris (Judy Brown) & Samuel Joslin (Jonathan Brown)

Review: –

This contains Spoilers

The follow up to Paddington sees Paddington hunt for the perfect Birthday present for his Aunt Lucy who will be 100 and after he finds one in Mr Gruber’s antique store he starts trying to find jobs to help pay for it and starts cleaning windows when along with the Browns go to the opening of a travelling Carnival which is open by Phoenix Buchanan an ex TV star and Paddington reveals he wants to buy a Pop Up Book of London for his Aunt’s birthday that is at Gruber’s. That evening disguised Phoenix steals the book from Gruber and Paddington who notices someone breaking in tries to catch the thief but is arrested instead. Paddington is then sentence to prison where he after a rough start he makes friends with a Prisoner Knuckles who is the cook and they make Marmalade sandwiches and this proves popular but Knuckles along with a couple of other prisoners plan to use Paddington in helping their escape as they promise to help him catch the thief which the Browns are also trying to do on the outside who find out the Book contains clues to the Carnivals founders treasure.

Paddington along with the prisoners escape and Paddington phones the Browns and they mention that Phoenix is the thief and is getting on a train where the Carnival equipment is on, Paddington makes the train but the Browns’ are too late but Jonathan steals a Steam Train and chases after the other train with Phoenix and Paddington on. Phoenix manages to open the vault where the treasure is as Paddington steals the books and the vault closes but Phoenix fights back and locks Paddington in a carriage and it goes over the side into a river but Phoenix is stopped by the other Browns’ whilst Mary jumps in to rescue Paddington but is not able to open the carriage but the 3 escaped prisoners including Knuckles arrive and they all help pull Paddington free. After the ordeal Paddington becomes ill and has been asleep for 3 days, when he wakes he has been told he is free but he is upset as he has not got Aunt Lucy a birthday present, Paddington’s friends and neighbours come round and when the doorbell goes and Mr Brown says Paddington to go and see who it is and when he opens the door there is Aunt Lucy and Paddington rushes and gives her a huge hug, the Browns’ say to Paddington as he has helped them and made their lives better they have clubbed together and with the help of the Colonel’s friends in the Air Force flew Aunt Lucy to London for her Birthday.

During the end scenes we see Phoenix has been sentenced to 10 years in Prison and six months in he puts on his one man show he was stealing the treasure to put on and says he doesn’t need the West End but a captive audience. The escaped prisoners are pardoned for their roles in the capture and rescue and Knuckles opens his own tearoom called Knuckles Sandwich.

For about half the film I was thinking that this was not living up to my expectations but the second half improved and the ending made the film a brilliant film to watch, it is a true Paddington film where you can’t help but love him and can see why most of the people he comes in contact with do. I’m not ashamed to say the ending brought tears to my eyes and was a really lovely ending, though I’m not sure my niece can watch it (she doesn’t like emotional film) this is a brilliant Children’s film for all ages (include 40 somethings!).

The beginning of the film probably only deserves a 6/10 but the ending deserves a 10/10 so combined it makes a nice 8/10 which I think fits it perfectly.


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