John Hughes

I’ve watched the Miracle on 34th Street and noticed that it’s produced by John Hughes who I know also directed a couple of the Brat Pack films in the 80’s (need to check but know The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles where directed by him but think Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and a few others were too) so wondered what other films he produced or directed (I need to find what the difference is in terms of film making too).

Looking at the list of films he has produced or directed I also noticed he has written a lot including a few of the National Lampoon films and Maid in Manhattan, his list of producer is impressive as well as Miracle on34th Street he also produced Home Alone, 101 Dalmatians, Pretty I’m Pink & Uncle Buck.

Hughes began his career selling jokes to the likes of Rodney Dangerfield before becoming a copywriter which led him to the offices of the National Lampoon magazine where he penned a story that proved the basis of the Nation Lampoon Vacation film, his first film he directed was the first of the Brat pack films Sixteen Candles and I expect made his career take off.

Hughes died from a heart attack in 2009 aged just 59. I had no idea of the amount of films that Hughes had Written, Produced and Directed (sometimes all 3 in a film).

The difference between a film Producer and a film Director is a Producer is in charge of every aspect of the film, the script, hows it directed, the music, the budget and how it’s distributed and are normally hired by the film company. A Director controls the artistry aspect of the film like how it’s shot, how the scenes are setup and works closely with the scriptwriter(s) and are seen as the authors of the film and are normally hired by the producer, often you will see the Director and Producer as the same person though sometimes are partners in production company.

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