Movie Remakes

What do people make of Movie Remakes or as sometimes called Reboots? I’m going to mention just a few that I watched recently or watch often.

The one I’ve just watched The Miracle on 34th Street; I can’t remember when I learnt this was a remake of the 1947 version, but I’ve just can’t seem to get into it since I watched the 1994 version. So for me I prefer the remake of it. Last year saw a reboot of the Ghostbusters movie with an all female cast which whilst it was only loosely based on the original it’s always compared to the 1984 original and though the effects are better it still doesn’t live up to the original so I was wondering what films I have watched that are not original and what films I’ve watched both versions. I’m not going to include Disney’s remakes of Animation to Live action like Beauty and the Beast as though the same story they’re going to be different as both have limitations.

Annie I know has been done at least three times and besides the Superhero reboots (Batman, Superman etc.) is the only film that I can think of that has been done (Update: The Count of Monte Cristo has been done 4 times and Carrie has also been done 3 though I’ve only seen the original Carrie), originally released in 1982, it was redone in 1999 and then 2014 where it was brought up to date. Personally I prefer the 1999 version. Update: It turns out the Miracle of 34th Street has been done a few times (1955, 1973 as well as the 2 mentioned previously)

Fame and Footloose have also both been remade but I again prefer the originals though the Fame remake is pretty good. The Murder of the Orient Express has been remade a few times but I’ve only seen the most recent version and not read the book.

The Karate Kid was remade in 2010 again to make it more modern with Jaden Smith being the boy trained and was a film I don’t see as a remake or reboot but as a separate film the same as Ghostbusters reboot.

One film I often watch and didn’t know was a remake is Brewster’s Millions as was original done in 1945 though I expect a different storyline to the 1985 version I watch. Another I used to watch regularly though not seen for a while is Poseidon which is a remake of The Poseidon Adventure that was released in 1972 which I have also watched and like both versions.

Films that I watched this year that are remakes include Going in Style which I didn’t know was a remake, Pete’s Dragon which was one of my favourite childhood films and Tarzan. Flatliners was also remade this year but have not watched the new version so not able to compare.

Difference between Remake and Reboot to me a remake is the film done with the same storyline and plot whilst a reboot is with same characters but freshened up or modernised for example The Karate Kid and Ghostbusters can be classed as Reboots (though neither has progressed any further) whilst Poseidon and Annie would be remakes.

I’ve noticed whilst researching the difference some people are mentioning Star Wars Force Awakens as a reboot but to me this is part of the original series as continues the story whilst the Prequels released after the original trilogy gave the start of the story George Lucas was unable to do at the time.

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