Daddy’s Home 2

Date Watched: – 18th November 2017

Director: – Sean Anders

Genre: – Comedy

Starring: -Will Ferrell (Brad), Mark Wahlberg (Dusty), Linda Cardellini (Sara), John Cena (Roger), John Lithgow (Don), Mel Gibson (Kurt), Scarlett Estevez (Megan), Owen Vaccro (Dylan), Alessandra Ambrosio (Karen), Did Costine (Adrianna) & Chesley Sullenberger as himself

Review: –

This contains Spoilers

Following on from the first film Daddy’s Home 2 sees the new co-dads Brad & Dusty watch Megan (Dusty’s daughter and Brad’s step-daughter) say see doesn’t like Christmas during the school assembly as has to split the time between the two families so Brad & Dusty decide to spend Christmas all together when Kurt (Dusty’s father) calls and invites himself to Christmas and therefore Brad invites his parents though only his father (Don) comes, when they all arrive at Brad & Sara’s house Kurt decides that they need to have a bigger place for Christmas and books a lodge for them all. The laughs really start from here. While Brad tries to keep up with Dusty who is trying to keep up with Kurt, Sara is trying to match Karen (Dusty’s new wife) and Megan is trying to match Adrianna (Karen’s daughter) they try and do the normal Christmas stuff like Cutting down a tree, Christmas Shopping and putting up Christmas Lights all with hilarious results but also causes tension between Brad & Dusty and results in Roger (Adrianna’s father) turning up and Adrianna going home with him and the rest also leave for home with Brad throwing Dusty’s case away (the opposite of the leaving to go to the lodge). On their way home due to the weather they’re force to turn around and stop at a cinema where all the families end up in the same showing as the only one with spaces but during the film there is a power cut due to the storm and they all have to go to the foyer when Roger and Adrianna arrive and after a stand off Dusty and Brad start to reconcile and they end up singing “Feed The World” and they all make up and invite Roger to finish the chorus which after first declining ends up doing and the rest of the cinema goers join in and the power then comes back on. The film ends with Brad and Dusty dropping their Dads off at the airport who have made plans to link up afterwards and also to pick up Brad’s mum who is now with Sully (Chesley Sullenberger – the pilot who landed the plane on the Hudson River) but Brad refusing to see him and runs out of the airport.

This was a really funny film and Will and Mark work off one another really well and have a good chemistry, Mel Gibson and John Lithgow are the complete opposites like Will and Mark and this makes it work even better, it’s a silly film but if you want a feel good funny Christmas film this is the one to watch, this is perfect after a stressful Christmas shopping day or if just stressed.

This gets a solid 9/10 from me.

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