Cineworld Secret Unlimited Screening #6

Wednesday 29th November saw Cineworld’s latest Secret Unlimited Screening (Number 6 for Cineworld) and Cineworld kept you guessing what the film was and only gave a clue to the film the day before saying it was a 15 certificate which ruined my thinking as I thought would be Coco as that had opened Thanksgiving Weekend in America and after seeing it was a 15 got me puzzled as there isn’t many top studio films coming out with 15’s that have not already been marked as a screening but the one that it was I was surprised that it was the one that it was as not due to be released until the period between Christmas and New Year and we also got a free bar of Galaxy Salted Caramel Chocolate.

Molly’s Game

Date Watched: – 29th November 2017

Director: – Aaron Sorkin

Genre: – Drama, Biograpghy

Starring: – Jessica Chastain (Molly), Idris Elba (Charlie), Kevin Costner (Larry), Michael Cera (Player X) & Jeremy Strong (Dean Keith)

Review: –

This contains Spoilers

Cineworld Secret Unlimited Screening is a screening that is kept underwraps until the start of the film and when Molly’s Game came up on the certificate I was really happy as was the one I had hoped though didn’t think it would be due to not due to be released until the New Year and one I had liked the trailer and with the free bar of chocolate it made up for having to go on my own but I’m used to that.

Molly’s Game is based on Molly Bloom was on the verge of getting to the Olympics despite having Curvature of the spine and having plates in her spine to straighten it, but during the trial crashed and retired from the sport and moved to LA where whilst being a Hostess at a bar got a job with Dean Keith as a PA, Dean also ran a Poker Game with a $10,000 buy in and got Molly to contact a list of players to inform them of a game. Molly became the hostess for the game and was given about $3000 a game in tips and the games involved actors, sport stars and other business titans. After a while Dean told Molly he was not going to pay her for her day job so Molly started putting together Poker Games herself and poached the players from Dean’s games and set herself up in a Hotel Suite and hired waitress to help her and after a while one of the players that had been at Dean’s games as well, Player X started to question the way the Games were run and then started his own games and Molly decided to move to New York and set up a Poker Game there which she successfully did for 2 years before one of her players arranged a meeting with a couple of Russians who were unknown to her connected to the Russian Mob and after a meeting where she declined an invite for the Russians to join in the game for a stake she was attacked by a Russian at her penthouse and robbed of millions of dollars, when she recovered and was on her way to a game she got a text saying the FBI are there and she found out that the FBI had rounded up a massive group of the Russian Mob so she got a Taxi and headed for the Airport headed home. 2 years later she was arrested by the FBI in the middle of night and charged with several crimes and less than a week after her arrest she was arraigned  and bailed and had hired Charlie Jaffey as her lawyer, this is where the actual film really starts as this is when we learn all about the games as Charlie tries to find the story and truth behind Molly, the prosecutors offered Molly several deals where she would accept lesser charges but declined all of these and after one meeting between the prosecutors and her laywer she bumped into her Dad (Costner) at the Ice Rink in Central Park (I believe it is Central Park) and they reconcile. They then go to Trial and Molly then pleds Guilty of running the Poker Game and raking of the pot which was in the end the only charge brought against her and the Judge then ruled that he would not accept the prosecutors recommendation of sentencing and says that people in Wall Street commit worst crimes everyday than Molly has done and gave her Community Service and Probation. Over dinner to celebrate it hits Molly she now has nothing after being such a high profile person in both Skiing and Poker.

I really enjoyed the film and I’ve started to really rate Jessica Chastain after only noticing her before in Miss Sloane and am really looking forward to seeing her the X-Men project she is doing. The film was a good insight of the Poker games and though I expect the film only touched the surface of Molly’s story. Idris was a good supporting member of the cast as Molly’s lawyer but the rest of the cast could’ve been anyone as really only provided characters to the story and nothing stand out.

When this comes out I would recommend it though be prepared as is nearly 2 and half hours long though it doesn’t feel like a lengthy film. I give this a solid 8/10

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