Justice League


Date Watched: – 19th November (3D) & 23rd November (2D)

Director: – Zack Snyder

Genre: – Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Starring: – Ben Affleck (Batman/Bruce), Henry Cavill (Superman/Clark), Amy Adam (Lois), Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman/Diane), Erza Miller (The Flash/Barry), Jason Momoa (Aquaman/Arthur), Ray Fisher (Cyborg/Victor), Jeremy Irons (Alfred), Diane Lane (Martha Kent), Connie Nielsen (Queen Hippolyta) & J K Simmons (Commissioner Gordon)

Review: –

Below contains spoilers

This was a film I’ve been looking forward to most of the year after it was announced and hinted in Superman Vs Batman where the new characters (to the Cinematic Universe) where shown and mentioned, this carries on after the events in Batman Vs Superman and Batman along with Wonder Woman now face a new threat in the form of Steppenwolf who had tried to invade previously but was fought back by the strong armies of the Amazon’s, Atlanteans, Mankind and the Olympian Gods and had to leave the Mother Boxes that when unite have the combined power to conquer Earth. After his retreat the 3 boxes were separated and hidden in different locations, 1 guarded by the Amazons, 1 by the Atlanteans and 1 by Mankind.

We move forward to the present time and Steppenwolf has returned and attacks the Amazons and retrieves the box forcing Queen Hippolyta to warn Diane of the attack by lightening the ancient invasion fire, meanwhile Bruce is trying to find out what has been attacking and seemingly kidnapping members of the public when Diane goes to see him to tell him that the invasion is happening and Bruce says they need to find other Metahumans to help fight the invasion, at first Bruce visits Arthur to try and recruit him but he refuses to do so but then after meeting with Diane, Bruce then goes to visit Barry Allen to recruit him which was easy to do Diane speaks to Victor who at first is reluctant to join but does then join the others. Meanwhile Steppenwolf attacks and retrieves the next box from Atlantis.

Commissioner Gordon then calls Batman and he goes to see him with the others (Cyborg, The Flash, Wonder Woman) and Gordon then gives him intel of the attacks which leads them to an abandoned facility under Gotham Harbour and the group manages to rescue the hostages that Steppenwolf army has kidnapped (including Victor’s father) but he is too strong for the group to overcome and are forced to retreat with the help of Aquaman who after the attack on Atlantis has now changed his mind and now joins the band of Metahumans to fight against Steppenwolf. Whilst back in the Bat cave and how they can beat Steppenwolf Bruce suggests using the other box (that Victor knows the whereabouts off as it was used to save him after an accident nearly killed him) to bring back Superman from the dead, Diane says this is a bad idea and whilst the others are unsure they agree, Diane says she will be there but for Clark’s benefit.

Clark’s body is then exhumed by Victor and Barry and taken to the Kyptonian ship which has incubation waters which along with the box they hope resurrect Superman. Clark is then resurrected and the idea works but he returns confused and angry and attacks the others until Lois arrives and helps calm him down and he returns to his family home (which is now in rebate) where his mother then joins them, meanwhile the other 5 travel to Russia where Cyborg has detected the power of the other boxes and whilst fighting Steppenwolf and in the hope to distract him long enough for Cyborg to separate the boxes but they’re unable to but as it looks like they’re about to be defeated Superman arrives to help and wants to help Mankind rather than help Bruce, he then along with Barry help evacuate the city before returning back to battle to help Cyborg separate the boxes whilst Diane and Arthur keep Steppenwolf in battle, they manage to separate the boxes and then between Superman and Wonder Woman they destroy his weapon and his own army then attacks him and forces him to retreat and the threat is over.

Bruce and Clark call a truce after Bruce buys the bank that reprocessed the family home, Bruce and Diane plan to rebuild Wayne Manor to house the new Justice League with the potential to add more Metahumans to the group. Barry gets a job with the Central City Police Department after being recommended by Bruce. Clark returns back to reporting and back to his old Superman self as well. In the end of credits scene (DC’s first one I believe) we see that Lex Luthor has escaped prison and suggests to Deathstroke AKA Slade Wilson who has visited on his yacht and suggest that they form their own league.

This is the best DC superhero film so far with regards to action, I don’t think it’s as good as Wonder Woman in regards to story but does open the door to many other films especially standalone films for the likes of Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash (which I believe DC have all in production). I really enjoyed this film though I don’t think the 3D made any difference after also watching it in 2D.

If you’re a DC Fan this is a must watch but even on its own it is a very good film though you will need to watch the previous 2 films (Superman Vs Batman & Wonder Woman) to understand more of what’s going on.

A solid 8/10


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