All I Want For Christmas Is You

A new release but one that went straight to Home Media but after seeing this advertised quite a bit I thought I’ll give this a watch and review like Cinema Releases.

Date Watched: – 5th December 2017 (Home Media)

Director: –  Guy Vasilovich

Genre: – Family, Animation, Comedy, Holidays

Starring: – Breanna Yde (Young Mariah), Mariah Carey (Narrator), Henry Winkler (Grandpa Bill), Issac Ryan Brown (Brett), Bria D Singleton (Beth), Connie Jackson (Grandma Lucy)

Review: –

Named after Mariah Carey’s top selling Christmas hit and book of the same name, All I Want For Christmas Is You is a story about a young Mariah who falls in love with a puppy in a pet store and asks for it for Christmas but first must look after her Uncles’ puppy called Jack (though was a stray he found) though her Grandma has already put a deposit on the puppy. The story follows Mariah’s adventures with Jack and how he turns her family upside down as well as her own whilst Jack causes mayhem with Mariah’s friends the town’s Christmas display and the school’s fashion show as well as with her own family.

Mariah learns that a puppy is not all cuddles and being cute especially with Jack tearing things apart and somehow always finding a way to find trouble, she learns patience and then falls in love with Jack and after letting another child have the puppy that had been reserved by the pet store for her though Jack has runaway after Mariah shouted at him, the whole town starts looking for Jack and Mariah finally finds him in Santa’s sleigh cuddling with the toy that he had fallen in love with which Mariah had given to the toy drive.

It also includes some festive songs by Mariah (Lil Snowman, Christmas Time Is In The Air Again and Miss You Most) and you can’t help love these but I’m not sure about her Narrative. The movie was released straight to Home Media and downloads and also available on Amazon Video for Prime members. This is a very decent family friendly film.

I give this a solid 7/10 as a enjoyable Christmas film for the family though it won’t be one I watch again (unless with an under 8) but is one I expect my Niece, Nephew, Step Nieces and Step Nephew may well enjoy a lot.

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