The Mercy

A film that looked good in the trailer and my favourite of Genre where the films are based on a true story, this was a after work film and was very watchable. The Mercy is based on the story of Donald Crowhurst who as an amateur sailed competed in the 1968 Golden Globe Race around the world on a boat that he designed and helped build.

Date watched: – 15th February 2018

Where watched: – Cineworld Whiteley

Director: – James Marsh

Writer: – Scott Z Burns

Genre: – Biography, Drama

Starring: – Rachel Weisz (Clare), David Thewlis (Rodney), Colin Firth (Donald Crowhurst) and Ken Stott (Mr Best)

Awards: –

Review: –

Donald Crowhurst is a keen amateur sailor who has created his own company making and selling aids for sailors and along with his wife Clare and 2 children Donald loves sailing around the waters of Teignmouth in Devon and dreams of sailing on the ocean when whilst at a boat show hears of a competition to sail around the world without stopping and plans to design and build a boat to do this. Clare doesn’t believe that Donald will carry this adventure out as he has often said he would do things and never follows through but when he offers his home and business as collateral on a loan from Mr Best to finance his bid to race around the world he has to follow it through or lose everything, rising costs and delays means that when he finally sets sail on the last available day to enter the race his boat is not finished and he has to finish it whilst on the ocean but during rough seas of the coast of Africa his buoy that is his lifesaver breaks and he decides he can’t risk going round the Cape of Good Hope and go into the Indian Ocean without it so plots a safe course and begins sending false reports in an attempt to show he is in fact travelling around the world, Donald ends up in Argentina where he gets help to repair his boat so he can travel back to the UK to “finish” the race but on his way back he hears the other contenders (besides 1) have failed in completing the race and as he had not gone around the globe he started panicking and possibly had a mental breakdown on how he could keep face when he disappeared and his boat was found drifting in the Atlantic Ocean and the authorities the discovered his deception. We also see the issues that Clare had to go through as she had no income coming in and also how the press followed the story and his trip without the knowledge that Donald was sending false reports and had indicated he was travelling at 2 to 3 times the speed of the other sailors.

Colin and Rachel really worked well in this film and it was a compelling story. I really enjoyed this film and do recommend Movie goes watch this.

I give it a solid 7 out of 10.




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