Cineworld Secret Unlimited Screening 7

The 7th Secret Cineworld Unlimited Screening happened on the 13th March 2018 where the Cineworld Unlimited Card holders are treated to an upcoming release but information is not released before the film, this time Whiteley Cinema had this on in 3 screens which shows how popular these screenings are though it helps that you get free sweets.IMG_0227

The 7th one was Love, Simon which I had on my too see list anyway so all was good though you do get a few people that leave once they know what is showing but as someone pointed out on Twitter the best part of having a Unlimited Card is you can see films you wouldn’t normally see and it doesn’t cost anything extra.

Date watched: – 13th March 2018

Where watched: – Cineworld Whiteley

Director: – Greg Berlanti

Writer: – Elizabeth Berger, Isaac Aptaker

Starring: – Nick Robinson (Simon), Katherine Langford (Leah – Simon’s best friend), Jennifer Garner (Emily – Simon’s Mum), Josh Duhamel (Jack – Simon’s Dad), Talitha Bateman (Nora – Simon’s sister), Alexandra Shipp (Abby), Logan Miller (Martin), Jorge Lendeborg Jr (Nick), Keiynan Lonsdale (Bram), Natasha Rothwell (Ms Albright) & Tony Hale (Mr Worth)

Review: –

17 year old Simon has good friends and seems to be doing well at school but he has one big secret, he is gay. One day on the school blog someone posts an anonymous post revealing they’re gay and calls themselves Blue, Simon seeing this post decides to email Blue saying that he is also gay and signs it Jacques, this starting an email relationship where they tell each other how it feels to be gay but Simon wonders who this person is and one day at school forgets to sign out of his email and Martin takes some photos of his emails to Blue and then threatens to out him unless he helps him go out with Abby one of Simon’s closest friends. Simon lets Martin tag along with Nick, Abby, Leah and himself to a party and tries to pair Abby up with Martin, thinking that Bram is Blue, Simon goes upstairs to find him only to find him kissing a girl so Simon rushes out and bumps into Martin who proceeds to throw up on him, later he walks home with Leah who spends the night (Leah has been Simon’s best friend for 13 years and often spends nights over), during the night they chat and Leah admits she is in love with one person and has been for ages; Simon also admits he is in love with someone. Simon keeps trying to pair Abby up with Martin to stop Martin from releases the photos of the emails and turn lies to Nick to stop him from asking Abby out. After Martin declares his love for Abby at a High School Football game and is humiliated when Abby says she doesn’t feel that way he releases the Photos and outs Simon and Leah calls him to tell him and after seeing ignores her calls and when his sister sees it upsets her. The outing causes Simon’s friends to be upset with him for his behaviour during his blackmailing and Leah tells him that it was him that she was in love with. Simon tells his parents though his Mum doesn’t worry about his choice, his Dad has a few issues to begin with but says he is his son whatever his lifestyle is. Simon then decides to write an open letter on the School Blog which inspires the whole school to be who they are and also writes to Blue in the letter and tells him where to meet if he wants to. Simon also makes up with Leah and apologise for his behaviour and wants to go back to being best friends. The group go to the fair after the school play and Simon goes on the Ferris Wheel waiting for Blue but when he runs out of Tickets and Blue hasn’t arrive, Martin pays for one last trip on the wheel when Bram appears and admits he is Blue and when the wheel reaches the top they kiss. Nick and Abby make up with Simon too and then along with Bram they all start hanging out again.

Whilst this could’ve better is it a decent film and though the chemistry between Nick Robinson and Katherine Langford looked good I was disappointed that the film didn’t make more use of this. This is the first time I’ve seen Katherine since 13 Reasons Why and I was pleasantly impressed and look forward to seeing her in more films, Nick is I think now established as a good teenage male lead (though he is 22). The film was well done and in good taste without it being overly gay like some of these films do though they did have the one camp gay guy which I don’t think was needed. Besides the odd swear word I’m not sure why it had a 12A (13 for US) rating rather than a PG as Gay kisses are just as common nowadays as heterosexual kisses (in most countries). I recommend this movie to others even though it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, I’m really happy that it was the Secret Unlimited Screening and I think Cineworld made a good choice as this will reach audiences that it wouldn’t have normally reached. I rate this 7/10



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